5 Students Receive the SA/MBA Award

The Student Association would like to congratulate Chris Bardon, Laurent Chenot, Linda Griffith, Tom Leung, and Moon Lee as recipients of the SA/MBA Award. This award is given to students who have excelled in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS Community.

Students are nominated by either a student, faculty or administrator. All nominations are collected and selections are made by the Awards Committee, consisting of the SA Executive Committee and two Representatives from Student Life.

As the Admissions Representative for ND, Linda Griffith received the award for the leading role she played in establishing a Lunch Program for visiting students.

According to Michele Biamonte, Admissions Marketing Manager, “Linda took the initiative and ownership to make this idea a reality. Every year, Admissions office has discussed this as a great service but the student ambassadors were not willing or able to commit to make this work.

Linda had the energy and enthusiasm to rally her other reps and has committed to ensuring that lunch hosts are present on a daily basis. This program is a great addition to the other services that prospective students can utilize on campus and it helps them appreciate the culture of community and inclusion at HBS.”

Chris Bardon was nominated because of the critical role she had in making this year’s VCPE conference successful.

According to Dan O’Keefe, President of the VCPE Club, “Chris has taken an incredible amount of initiative in pulling together the conference – whether it be tracking down and securing marquee speakers, making sure that marketing and operations moved along smoothly, or pulling in twice the amount of the sponsorship we had last year. We owe her an incredible debt of gratitude for going so far beyond expectations.”

Moon Lee was nominated by Brandt Piles for his leadership in founding and growing the Junior Achievement Partnership between HBS and Cambridge Ridge and Latin High school.

In his nomination, Brandt pointed out, “The JA program Moon has brought to the school … provides an excellent opportunity for the kids to get highly individualized attention and to learn business in an engaging format where they normally would get little if any exposure. As a result of the program many of the CRLS students and even teachers become very engaged in learning about business and develop relationships with the HBS community.”

Laurent Chenot and Tom Leung were nominated for their efforts as Co-Captains of the Career Teams program.

According to Tim Butler, Director of Career Development Programs, “After last year’s successful pilot program, Tom and Laurent established the systems necessary to ensure increased recruitment of leaders, standardization of the curriculum, enhanced communication among leaders, and systematic evaluation of the program. …Tom and Laurent have been highly involved hands-on managers of the program, putting in untold hours starting last spring. Their efforts have made an important contribution to the career development of the 270 RC students who signed-up for the program, and to participants in next year’s program who will inherit the platform that Tom and Laurent have built.”

If you know of students who have excelled in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS Community, please submit a nomination at www.mba.hbs.edu/admin/student_life/life/act_awa_org/student_assoc/sa_award.html (in the “Life @ HBS” section of MyHBS).