Crimson Kids: Kid Tested, Mother Approved

The Youngest Members of Crimsion Kids

Eight months ago my husband and I arrived at Harvard Business School with three suitcases, a few boxes and two children under the age of two. I didn’t know what to expect but I was eager to get settled, meet families with children, and begin life as an HBS partner.

In early September I attended the first Crimson Kids meeting, which is a club for HBS children, and started to realize there was more to to the partner role on campus. At the Crimson Kids kick-off meeting, a group of energetic parents welcomed me and several other new families and began explaining the many activities and enriching opportunities that would be available for children and parents throughout the year. The organization of the group was impressive and the energy was tangible cartier santos 100 replica.

My thoughts toward HBS began to change; I could visualize a future of lasting friendships and a true sense of belonging. I left the meeting with the thought “Is there really a place here for me and my children?” And now looking back I can strongly affirm that “Yes, Crimson Kids cares about us and we have a place here, too.”

More than 50 children participate in Crimson Kids’ weekly activities. On average, 75 children are present at each holiday party.

A few of this year’s highlights were apple-picking in Newton, trick or treating at the Dean’s House, and Santa’s surprise visit to HBS. These experiences have transformed HBS from just a business school, to my community and a place I feel personally invested in. Establishing a community is part of the mission Brittney Losee and I hope to establish as the 2012 – 2013 Crimson Kids co-presidents.

“CK is important for us because of what it provides for our family,” Losee said. “There is a lot of value in children being surrounded by other children. Crimson Kids provides activities that make this happen.”

During the next year we hope all HBS families know Crimson Kids as not just another club on campus but their club and a place where they can feel supported cartier roadster replica. There are a few inefficiencies that have us concerned and we hope to remedy that. At the top of our list is addressing the lack of facilities for children at HBS.

There are four beautiful playgrounds between HBS and Harvard Housing but HBS children are not allowed to play on these playgrounds during the day.  There is one playground designated as the community playground but its undesirable location and limited equipment has our inbox filled with complaints from concerned parents who don’t know where to turn for help.

“It’s not easy for a bunch of kids to get together and not have the parents go insane,” said Losee. “The best place for kids to play is outside, on the playground. But it just can’t happen without a playground.”

Although we won’t be able to resolve every issue that arises, we want HBS families to know their voice is being heard and we’ll do our best to find a solution and make HBS as family friendly as possible.

“We are grateful for Crimson Kids and how this incredible club helps our children,” said Losee. “From these opportunities, a sense of community is developed. This community helps our children feel safe and comfortable which fosters a better environment for everyone.”