Release Your Inner Artist at HBS

We all know HBS is a temporary home to some incredibly talented people from around the world. One of the best parts of being a student here is getting to learn from other people and sharing in the unique experiences they bring to campus. Some call it transformational. What better way to do this than through a celebration of art and culture in our own backyard?

On April 4, the Art Appreciation Society will proudly present the Fifth Annual HBS Art Show and is currently seeking creative talent to pitch in. If you or your partner has artistic skill (or a hidden talent) and would like to exhibit a piece on campus to current and future art patrons, this event is for you!This is not a competition but rather an exhibition. In the words of current co-president Avid Larizaden, “The mission of the event is to allow us to discover some of the artistic talent that exists within the HBS community and to share with one another delightful pieces of art created by our peers.”

The event is generally geared toward exposing the HBS community to a body of art in a non-intimidating and non-time-consuming setting. But in the past there has been additional fun when show visitors are surprised to come across a masterpiece by someone in their section. Mild-mannered students by day, master artists by night.

There are very few restrictions on submissions. Get as creative as you want – whether your inclination is to paint large landscapes, carve wood, design jewelry, take photographs or make collages – the sky’s the limit. Works will be accepted on a first-come-first served basis in order to ensure enough space to adequately display each masterpiece.

In order to give credit to all the budding Picassos out there, organizers Christophe Rust, Avid Larizadeh and Sophie Craig ask that each submission include a very brief (one sentence) description with approximate measurements. Please email Avid Larizadeh [] with “Student Art Show Submission” in the title. They can also provide you with additional information on the event. The original founders of the Art Appreciation Society had a desire to infuse HBS with an appreciation for culture and to provide a shot of creativity and inspiration for the business school community. The continued success of the Art Show is a testament to their vision and HBS students’ commitment to make our temporary home a beautiful place!