HBSers Help Women Re-Entering the Workforce

By donating used work clothes, the HBS community helped solve the catch-22 confronting many low-income women trying to enter the workforce: Without a job, how can you afford a suit? But without a suit, how can you land that job?

For many women who are looking to re-enter the work force, acquiring a suit or other office-appropriate clothes presents a significant financial challenge. In an effort to help disadvantaged women make this transition into the work force, students, faculty and staff were asked to clean out their closets. The WSA and Doctoral Programs sponsored the women’s-work clothing drive last week-the first of its kind at HBS and hopefully the beginning of a great new tradition!

Clothing was collected on campus over a three-day period. Over 75 articles of clothing were donated on the first day, with many more expected over the course of the week. Donations benefited Tailored for Success, A Suitable Image, Solutions at Work and Friends of the Shattuck Shelter.