The Best of Cambridge: The Votes Are In

The poll is completed, the results are in: Here are the ECs favorites when it comes to Cambridge bars, restaurants, and dancing. Also included in this poll are some helpful “tips” on dating – either in HBS or outside of the bubble. Some common themes beg me to comment on the results. So here we go.

To begin, it seems that ECs love to form semi-large groups and go to Border Cafÿ for dinner. Others choose Cambridge One or John Harvards. But regardless, after dinner everyone meets at Grafton Street, and then when it gets too crowded, they move to The Kong. That makes sense, when you consider the size of our class (a whopping 900) is far too big for just one bar, yet as it gets colder, minimizing the distance between bars grows increasingly important. You could even suggest that Grafton acts as a “buffer” for the batching that goes on throughout the night. Small groups go into Grafton after various dinner locations, and larger groups come out on the way to The Kong – (does Benihana ring a bell?)

Another interesting result arose from the question of most “anonymous bar” in Cambridge. Notice most of the results are evenly spread among the choices. This leads me to believe that most poll takers haven’t been to any of these bars – so it’s safe to say that all are pretty much anonymous. If you are looking for a place not to be seen, perhaps this is your list of go-to’s. (And for why you might not want to be seen, see the next paragraph about dating at HBS).

As for the HBS dating scene (the incestuous kind) – it looks like the time to “pick” someone up is Holidazzle. I’m assuming this works because our winter vacation starts two weeks later. If the relationship is going to be a dud, it is much easier to discuss the breakup with 3,000 miles between you than in front of the entire school during the next TGIF. Regardless of your timing, dating at HBS is much more relaxed than people make it out to be in the beginning. And “waiting” until second semester almost never happens – so if you see something you like, go for it early! Remember, everyone here is an over-achiever!

Meeting and dating non-HBS people seems to be impossible based on the experiences of the EC class, so don’t get frustrated when you book a dinner downtown to get out of the bubble and find that everyone in your section is also there doing the same thing. As the ECs learned this summer, even in cities across the U.S. and across the globe, it is always possible that you will run into someone you know.

The results are just a sliver of opinions from the EC class. We hope you enjoy your first year!

Best Coffee Shop
A. Starbucks 39.0%
B. Peets 38.5%
C. Cafe Algiers 6.6%
D. Darwins 16.0%

Best Bar
A. Grafton 50.2%
B. Temple Bar 5.4%
C. Redline 9.4%
D. Shay’s 21.1%
E. Tavern 6.3%
F. Grendel’s 7.6%

Best Dancing
A. The Kong 64.3%
B. Phoenix Landing 15.0%
C. Cantab 9.7%
D. Redline 11.1%

Best Late Night Hang-out
A. Noir 31.9%
B. Redline 6.6%
C. The Kong 43.7%
D. Penthouse at 1 Western 17.8%

Best Eats for under $10
A. The Wrap 21.1%
B. Pinocchio’s 28.3%
C. Au bon pain 7.6%
D. Felipe’s 43.0%

Best Group Dinner Place
A. Nine Tastes 16.1%
B. Border Cafe 35.7%
C. Tavern 2.7%
D. Cambridge One 30.8%
E. John Harvards

Best “Real” Date Restaurant
A. Harvest 25.4%
B. Red House 25.0%
C. Casablance 8.9%
D. Finale 20.1%
E. Daedalus 12.1%
F. Spangler Grille 8.5%

Most Anonymous Place
A. The Cellar 18.2%
B. River Gods 22.5%
C. Bus Stop 27.8%
D. Charlie’s Kitchen 20.1%
E. Druid 11.5%

Best Neighborhood to Hang Out with Non-HBS People
A. Downtown 20.2%
B. Allston 4.5%
C. Back Bay 22.9%
D. Beacon Hill 17.0%
E. It’s impossible,
HBS people are everywhere 35.4%

Best Time to Begin Dating HBS People
A. Analytics 14.1%
B. Crimson Greetings 4.7%
C. Pre-Priscilla Ball 17.4%
D. Day after Black Monday 29.1%
E. Holidazzle 34.7%

Best Time to Drop the H-bomb in a Conversation with a non-HBS Person
A. Less than 1 minute 14.2%
B. Within 5 minutes 13.3%
C. After ten minutes 22.7%
D. Never 49.8%