Annual HBS Intramural Soccer Tournament

“Have you ever asked yourself what is the most beautiful sport in the world? Not an easy answer, huh?!? After seeing the Patriots win the Super Bowl, I thought it was football….then I saw the Sox win, so I thought it was baseball…..but on a cold day in early April I changed my mind after I heard “Today I am happier than the day I got my HBS acceptance letter”.

I heard this phrase the second the final game of the HBS intramural soccer championship was over; our team, “Te lo juro por las nenas” (or “I swear it to the girls” – a phrase in honor of Diego Armando Maradona, undoubtedly the best player this sport has ever seen), had just defeated “Air Kentucky” 5-4.

After an early lead, we trailed Air Kentucky for most of the game. It was a very emotional game in which we managed to tie at 4 goals each with one minute of regular time remaining and won by scoring a goal in the last 10 seconds of extra time. With no more time on the clock, there was only room for pure emotions and joy. That’s when I was truly convinced that soccer cannot be matched as a team sport.

Through this short article I would like to thank “Air Kentucky” for a great final game, and to congratulate the members of “Te lo juro por las nenas” (Hendrik Almstadt (OJ), Tomas Diaz Mathe (OB), Ismail Belbachir (OF), Rafa Guida (OC), Santiago Marra (OD), Mick Mulgrew (NI), Diego Dayenoff (OJ)) for giving it all, playing 3 days in a row despite, sore legs, sore backs, ball knock outs, other injuries and other commitments.

CONGRATS TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

The team: