Working Knowledge Recommends:

Investor Relations for the Emerging Company
by Ralph A. Rieves and John LefebvreJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002
HBSWK Pub. Date: Oct 14, 2002

Ask any CEO who has gone through it: Your life and the life of your company changes forever the day after you go public. This book helps newly minted public companies address the pressures brought by judgmental Wall Street analysts, prying federal regulators, and demanding shareholders. The advice is practical (“Targeting the Best Brokers”), comprehensive (“The Real Challenge of Reg FD”) and world-wise (“My Wife, the Tipster”). Perhaps this should be required reading for any company considering going public.
Business Filings Incorporated

Thinking of incorporating your business? Perhaps you need to determine which state offers your business the best incorporation benefits. This site will help you with your homework. Yes, the main business of Business Filings Inc. is to persuade you to incorporate using its online service, but there is also a wealth of general information here about incorporation. We like the state-by-state write-ups, which list fees, corporation requirements, and tax rates. Nonprofits and LLC filers can find relevant information on this site as well.

You Wanted to Know
Where can I find sources of funding for corporate giving?

Answer:The Baker Library Industry Guide, Nonprofits, Government and Education ( has a category within the section, “Rankings and Directories” called “Corporate Giving” which lists three resources for identifying corporate funding sources for philanthropic endeavors.

These include:
Corporate 500: Directory of Corporate Philanthropy. San Francisco: Datarex. Irregular. Reading Room – Section 1 – Ref. AS 911 .A2 C67
National Directory of Corporate Giving. New York: Foundation Center. Irregular. Reading Room – Section 1 – Ref. AS 911 .A2 N372
Corporate Grantmakers. New York: Foundation Center.