Women Blades Best Mothers

No, the women of the HBS Blades Ice Hockey team have not taken to child-rearing. However, they did manage a 3-2 victory over their friendly rivals, the Mothers on Edge.

The Wednesday evening game started with an exciting and adventurous tour through Jamaica Plains to ferret out the defensive position of the Mothers. Once the Dexter School was located, the environment turned to all business.

After recruiting two temporary players, Devon and the all-important goalie, Bridgette, the Blades hit the ice. The game was divided into two 25 minute halves, which translated to some hard skating for the understaffed Blades.

The Blades skated their hearts out and managed two goals in the first half, scored by Margaret Warden (OG) and Devon, and a third goal in the second half by Jen Daily (OF) secured victory. Improvement shined through with better skating, more aware passing and focused position coverage.

The Women Blades will have their next game on Sunday, March 7th at 6pm in the Bright Hockey Rink.