What's Up in Club B

Welcome back to all my Club B-ers, with a special welcome to Tucker Bailey who spent his break and the first week of school with the Navy in the Middle East. Don’t worry, Tucker, your sky-deck seat was left untouched all week…

Since I went back to my parents’ house for most of the break, I was feeling slightly nostalgic for my childhood and the “good old days.” So, I decided to have NB answer a question that I remember writing an essay about when I was in fifth grade:

What did I do during Christmas Vacation?
Ben Margoles:

“I was partying with friends in Palo Alto on New Years Eve. At 2am, we jumped in a 50-degree pool in 50-degree weather. What a rush…. it felt great…. like a cleansing… you get out and can’t help but feel it will be a good year.”

Scott Baldwin:
“Proving that HBS drives students to escapism, I saw The Fellowship of the Ring three times during the holiday break, read a book about the making of the movie, and polished off the last two books of The Lord of the Rings trilogy (again . . . I’ve read them numerous times since I was a kid). I also perfected the art of burping my baby daughter, and would be happy to demonstrate the technique in class using Bill Wade as a (not-to-scale) stand-in for Caroline.”

Taylor Margis-Noguera:
“I spent New Year’s with all my high school buds watching tapes of all the musicals we performed in back in the day.”

Drew Blackburn:
“I spent New Years in Miami. No stories that can be printed except that my friend and I were interviewed live on the 6am news that night/morning because we happened to still be out on the street drinking.”

Ladies and Dating
There have been HUGE changes in the Club B singles scene!!! Most importantly, Crystal Stanley got engaged over break to her boyfriend Kendrick Liles. The wedding is tentatively scheduled for June 14, 2003. CONGRATULATIONS, Crystal! We are so happy for you!

A different B-girl broke up with her boyfriend during break. She asked to remain anonymous, but be sure to keep your eyes open for a new lady on the market.

Kate Hartwell traveled to two different continents over break looking for the man of her dreams. However, she was unsuccessful. If you are a single man who enjoys taking beautiful blondes to expensive dinners on Newbury St., Kate could be the girl for you. Contact her at khartwell@mba2003.hbs.edu.[Editor’s note: Kate should contact Goldie. See p.21]

On Tour
Members of Corporate Whore were busy whoring themselves all over the country during break. Sara Bergson represented B in a crowd cheering for the band at a talent competition in Hot-lanta (which, as Simdul Shagaya will tell you, was not that hot during break). Amanda Krantz capitalized on her trip to WesTrek by giving key individuals at various record labels copies of their new CD. They hope to turn this into a record deal and spend their summer touring the globe. If you want to say that you knew them when, be sure to check them out at the House of Blues on January 28th.