What's up at J-Crew (OJ)

We may be OJ, but we are still the official J-Crew which leaves new J with no choice but to use our earlier moniker, Jazzy J. Wear it with pride, NJ. We attacked NJ with love and affection and then challenged them to a boatrace as OOJ did to us. Unlike last year, however, the youngings didn’t quite beat the old fogies. Impressive performance nonetheless, so we are comfortable that our legacy will live on.

We met Daniel Wu and Meche Camargo, our new recruits who were wisely advised to join our section. They do not replace our beloved Ashley but we’re psyched to have a place to stay over NY Trek. Several OJs were eager to speak with Daniel who worked previously in diamond wholesaling which probably means that more engagements are on the way. Our latest engagements (too early to leverage Daniel’s contacts) were Diane McMahon and Tony Lewis. Yes, that is correct, Tony Lewis.

Women on dance floors all over the country will be swooning on this news. We are happy for them both. We also hear rumors of an addition to the J-Crew baby club … but more on that later.

Pam Smith returned from the summer with a nice tan (betraying her “summer hours”) and stockpiles of toys for all the J-Crew kids.

Malay Kundu returned to campus as a songwriter with his first recorded song “Shanti”. If he gets sick of the whole HBS/entrepreneurship thing, it’s good to know he has other talents.

Ozgur Onder returned from the trip to Turkey he organized with lots of juicy gossip, but no toy in Pam’s stockpile encouraged him to betray his brethren. Don’t worry, we are still working on it. We have Monsters, Inc.

Diego Syrowicz returned thankful that Ricardo Ribeiro has taken over planning trips for J-Crew. Brazil 2002!!!

Matt Willis returned to campus with a permanent smile on his face, a clear departure from his angry old man status last year. Thank you Abigail!

Ella Aglipay and Jim McNary returned to say “see ya, I’m hanging out with the cool kids at the Kennedy School.” We got to meet some of the cool crowd at our fist karaoke night of the year. For the record, McNary’s Sweet Caroline is still the most memorable karaoke moment, despite the good efforts of Ella’s new friends.

Alex Scherbakovsky and Damien Coady returned wiser and with a few new gray hairs after experiencing those banker hours that HBSers complain about. Yes, it really is that bad.

Julie Bell returned from her strenuous summer travels with shorter hair and a new closet for all her tailored clothing. She says it was not one big shopping trip, but rather a deep cultural learning experience with a focus on exchange rate arbitrage. I may need to do a field study on this next semester.

Andre Martinelli returned to campus with my favorite picture of the summer. Never mind elephants and tropical scenery, I like the one of Andre in his cube. That was a better depiction of most of our summers (my cube was bigger than yours, Andre!). With that image of our future, I sign off and head for CareerLink.