What's up at J-Crew

As J-Crew prepares for Spring Break, we reflect on yet another week of interesting experiences. In between bikini purchases, last minute scuba lessons and a frenzy of summer clothing unpacking, we have managed to treat ourselves to some interesting things. For many of us, we had our first taste of Ethiopian food at a section outing in Back Bay. We dined with some wide-eyed new admits and told them how great HBS is, and basically how great we are. They smiled and asked us to please pass the honey wine. Malay Kundu followed up with his back-bay bash with every drink imaginable, especially margaritas! Thanks Samta! (We all know where the brains and beauty are in that relationship).

Skating extraordinaire Deana Menkes showed off her talents on the rink for a group of J’s. Just to add to my polar bear scrapes and bruises, I now also have a sizeable ice rink bruise. I was not the only one to fall, however, as experienced Canuck Rob Cunjak took a dip on the ice as well. He borrowed my excuse about the “uneven ice” and the “excessive water layer.” Totally agreed, Rob. They really should do something about that. Well, at least I won’t have to worry about pale legs in Guatemala – I have nice purple legs instead!

To add to our taste of culture, we are also planning a wee bit of St. Patty’s celebratin’ on Thursday, thanks to Damien Coady, our four leaf clover. We are also looking forward to mixing it up with Section G and their four leaf clover, Julian Coulter. I am looking through my closets for green sweaters as we speak. Unfortunately, green is a little under-represented. But, wait, that’s not all. We have a Nigerian lunch with Mezuo Nwuneli and a sangria party with Barry Hytinen. Wait – Barry, you’re not Spanish. Well, any excuse for sangria is fine with me.

On the serious side, we have many newly elected Jers. I will not remember everyone with my limited memory bank but congrats to Dan Dornbusch, Alex Scherbakovsky, Irina Zavina, Kalli Lekas, Ella Aglipay, Ozgur Onder, Pam Smith, Tony Lewis, Barry Hytinen, Pramod Atluri, Fabio Armaganijan, Anthony Keizner and Eve Bould.

So, by the time this comes out, we will all be back from our various trips (and will have new responsibilities on campus). Some are looking for sun and fun; others are looking for jobs. Either way, we look forward to the main event. Look next week for pictures from Cuba, Guatemala, Belize, Brazil, Club Med (if we can get those boys to admit what they were up to) and other exotic locations. Hope you had fun J!