What's Hot This Week

Student Association Ventures will be sponsoring a bus from the HBS campus to New York City at the end of the Spring semester on Dec. 20, after the final first-year exam. The one-way fare will be $50.

Additionally, in response to questions from OD Senator Bradley Campbell, Ventures representative Rebecca Miele told the Senate meeting Wednesday that the Ventures staff is willing to work with other groups of students to help them charter buses for similar trips to other destinations whereever sufficient demand exists. Stop by the Ventures office outside the Spangler Grille for more information.

Club Amendments Approved
As expected, the Senate voted unanimously to approve amendments to the Student Association Constitution that mandate a new Student Clubs Committee that will be charged with establishing rules for new student clubs that want to be recognized, as well as hold regular meetings (at least once a semester) to review and approve the applications.
Committee members will be named by the beginning of next semester, and they will begin working on more formal standards after that. The point of the new amendment is to provide more certainty for club organizers.