What's Hot This Week

This year’s SA Senate is pressing to advance work on as many of the action items on the agenda students set for it in a poll last spring.
During its Jan. 30 meeting, Senators said about half of the top 20 items have been fully dealt with, ranging from expanded access to health care appointments and the addition of prescription drug coverage to student insurance plans to more career services resources for international students and a better EC course-selection web site.

Items that are still being worked on include improving the webmail interface, creating a more official career mentoring program for students and finding more opportunities for students and faculty to interact.

Improving Everyday Life
OI Senator Kevin Mohr reported on a host of improvements that the SA’s student life committee has spearheaded in conjunction with MBA program officials.

A new self-service stamp-vending machine has been installed at the Spangler Center post office. And HBS facilities officials are working to add more trash capacity to the hallways outside Aldrich classrooms to help avoid overflowing cans, and they are investigating installing covers over the South Hall bike racks to help bikers shield their vehicles from inclement weather.

Finally, in response to students concerned about the environmental impact of the large volume of styrofoam consumed at the Spangler Grille, the committee has convinced food-service operator Restaurant Associates to make more traditional plates available for people who choose to eat in at the Grille.