What's Hot and What's Not

One could be forgiven for thinking that Spring is almost here – it did rain the other day after all. If it’s warm enough for rain and not snow then that’s a season change in my book. (One needs to ignore the fact that the next day all the puddles froze and turned the world into a collision damage waiver nightmare). So to make the most of the last of winter here’re my recommended “WHAT’S HOT” list:

1: Take the T up to Davis Square and go to the movies. Right outside the T station is the Somerville Theatre with the cheapest tickets in town and a number of lovely cozy theatres that are never even half full. And if you sniff hard enough you’ll smell Bruce Springstein because he was playing there just the other day – that’s how cool this theatre is.

2: If movies aren’t you, then walk another ten yards and you’ll hit Someplace Else caf‚. This groovy little caf‚ serves the best coffee ever.

You get to sit on old sofas, slouch with grungy Arts students and pretend for a while that you don’t have a high powered life of senior management ahead of you. So slough off that suit you’ve been wearing to interviews for the past month and get some funk back into your life.

3: If movies and cafes aren’t your style, walk another 100 yards and you’ll come across a little corner shop that sells everything you need to make a good curry. It’ll give you warmth, spice and adventure. It’ll put fire in your belly. It’ll put hairs on your chest. It’ll get you into a warm kitchen and slaving over a hot stove. It could also potentially give you a stomach ulcer, so please use a recipe.

Just for the sake of balance I have also included the “WHAT’S NOT” as well:

1: Given that, if you are going to Davis Square, you’ll probably be taking the Harvard T, you should avoid the elevator at all costs. Its aroma consists of the ungodly combination of Dunkin Doughnuts and old urine.

And so far I haven’t met anyone who can hold their breath for the whole journey down.

2: It’s hard to avoid but if you can, don’t try filling out the Form 8843 tax declaration for foreign students. Its sole purpose for existence is to torment and upset you. The internet entry system gives you 72 hours to complete the form before deleting it. However, after an hour’s data entry it will automatically freeze up and won’t allow you to reenter…ever. And what is the purpose of the form? Oh, it just proves that you’ve got nothing worth taxing. Taxing, isn’t it?

3: Slurpies, slushies call them what you will. Why buy something that pretends to be a beverage when you can just as easily step outside and add a little lemonade to your porch to get the same effect?