What I Learned in the RC

20. Always take your answers out to four decimal places
19. Countries fail when their leaders can’t calculate CAGRs
18. AES is like a magic ball made of rubber bands
17. Canadians swear a lot at the negotiating table
16. Never underestimate the vitriol between the controller
and the guy on the shop floor
15. Windows is better than Linux for running EM.
14. The biggest industry donor to HBS is the American Juicing Federation
13. Always price based on the willingness to pay of the marginal consumer
12. Building on lesson 13, if the marginal consumer is a sucker, price higher
11. Belgian accounting regulations for stock options are much more effective than FASB.
10. If your aircraft wing is getting the shit kicked out of
it during war time, fire the commander
9. The Japanese economy started tanking when we stole all their cool words
8. Billions in market cap created means nothing in Aldrich Hall
7. Quality counts more than quantity, except when
quantity is high
6. If you are really clever, you can answer the professor’s question in five words, than say what you really
wanted to say
5. Never let exhibit facts get in the way of a moment of rhetorical briliance
4. It really sucks to be a Sadhu in the cold
3. How to calculate WACC
2. Trying to get a process perfectly balanced is kind of
like the Red Sox winning the World Series, you can get really, really close, but in the end, failure is inevitable
1. Shark day IS more fun.