Were They Right?

Super Bowl Sunday has passed, but not before The Harbus gathered picks from around the campus.
How close or far were these experts?:

Derek Mendez (OD):
I have absolutely no doubt that Tampa Bay is going to win the Super Bowl (due to the miracle of Harbus publication deadlines, I am actually writing this before the Super Bowl is played). Some might argue that Oakland’s top-ranked offense will win out over Tampa Bay’s top-ranked defense. Others might argue that Tampa Bay’s younger players will run circles around Oakland’s geriatric ward escapees. I, on the other hand, think Tampa Bay will win for one simple reason: Al Davis is Evil, and Good always triumphs over Evil. Al Davis is bad for football, bad for fans, bad for the human race. My favorite thing about the most loyal Raiders fans who dress up like “spooky skeletons” (ooh, I’m scared) is that they are the ones getting screwed the most by good old Al Davis. Come to think of it, I would hide my face behind a mask if I were them too. GO BUCS! My favorite thing about this year’s game: I will be watching it in HDTV on ABC, not the 480P “Fox Widescreen” as was broadcast by FOX last year.

Professor Susan Kulp (FRC):
I think that the Raiders are going to win. I don’t follow football that closely and my husband is from the Bay Area (and a Raiders fan), I have to pick the Oakland Raiders to win the Super Bowl.

Allen Narcisse (NJ):
If Rich Gannon were any more possessed, he would be chained to a bed with his head rotating while a priest stands over him. He’s going to set fire to the Bucs defense. Plus Brad Johnson is Brad Johnson, he’s bound to hurt himself or choke. The team that scores the most points wins, and the Raiders, will do just that – Raiders 28, Bucs 10.

Demetri Zaphiris (NC):
Defense wins championships – I’ll take the Bucs. The Raiders have a nice little offense going, but nobody knows it better than the coach on the other sideline.

Jeni Golomb (OB):
There are 3 reasons why the Raiders will win the Super Bowl. 1. Although the Bucs defense will give the Raiders a run for their money, they won’t be able to hold them everytime. 2. Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Michigan and 1998 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, Charles Woodson. Even though he’s hurt and has been [penalized] a lot lately, he’s still totally hot and therefore will win. 3. I bet on this game and, as Citibank knows, I can’t afford to lose.

Key Kiarie (OK):
This year’s Super Bowl will be a battle fought in the trenches. The offensive and defensive lines of the Bucs and Raiders will be the determining factor in the game. The Raiders have mustered one of the NFL’s top rated offensive lines which will allow it to handle the undersized rush defense of the Bucs. Despite the 300 pound Warren Sapp, the Raiders will be able to execute an efficient pass-run mix. I expect the big play offense of the Bucs to keep it close; however, the AFC’s Raiders will take home the trophy, thus another bear market in 2003! Raiders 34, Bucs 28.

Eric Chan (NF):
“Watching the Titans’ players, with their faces engulfed by white towels, in the waning moments of the Raiders blowout last week, it reminded me of the look I had when I opened up the Job Bank to see ‘You have no decisions at this time.’ Raiders by 10.”

Rayford Davis (OK):
I gotta go with the Bucs over the Raiders, 24-14. With Warren Sapp, Simeon Rice, and of course, Defensive Player of the Year Derrick Brooks, the Bucs will smother ’em like southern style pork chops, wrap ’em like an enchilada, and smoke ’em like salmon.

Ivelisse Rodriguez (NB):
My pick is for the Oakland raiders although I have no idea how either of the two teams play. The Raiders sound tougher and sexier than the Tampa team. In addition, I like California! California reminds me of sun, beach and rum and cokes while Florida reminds me of old people!

Keith Wolf (NB):
I’m predicting a Raiders victory because I don’t see the Bucs being able to stop the Raiders offense for 4 quarters – Gannon is playing like a man possessed. The Raider’s offensive line is massive (they weigh about 7 Gaurav’s each), so they should be able to neutralize Warren Sapp and Simeon Rice’s pass rush. And while the Raiders’ defense isn’t their strength, I’m still not a believer in the Bucs’ offense. Raiders 24-16.