Welcome From the Editor In Chief

Welcome to a walk on the wild side. For sure, 2002 is guaranteed to be a year full of history-for the world and for ourselves personally. Not only do we face the uncertainties of war and terrorism both abroad and at home, but the economy seems determined to stay undeterminable for a time too uncomfortable to mention in polite conversation in these parts. And oh yes-it’s an election year.

Rest assured The Harbus 2002 Edition will reach every possible facet of the experiences to come, and that goal is the guiding principle behind the changes you’re sure to notice in the new 2002 Edition, which is under a new Publisher and Editorial Team.

I’m very proud of the new Editorial Team that will serve as an independent voice for HBS students. Our community is well-represented. In our team of eight editors including myself are four Ivy League graduates and three State School graduates; a mother of two; an Egyptian, an African-American, two Texans, a gay man, an Irishman, and a Latino; Republicans, Democrats, and “Others;” backgrounds in consulting, i-banking, dot com, marketing, manufacturing, and not-for-profit; and language skills in French, German, Spanish, and Arabic. Our musical tastes range from jazz to country, we like waterskiing and weightlifting, and at least one of us (not me) has actual experience in publishing.
The Harbus 2002 Edition is divided into distinct sections, some completely new, each led by a new editor with her or his own vision and style. We’re eager for you to watch and participate as these visions unfold and reshape amidst the bustling ideas and passions in our community that make Harvard Business School more than a premier academic experience but also a transformational one.

Finally, a note of clarification and appreciation. Many students don’t realize that The Harbus is an independent organization, a publication of the not-for-profit Harbus News Corporation whose board members include the section-elected Harbus Representatives. Accumulated profits from past years were used to establish the Harbus Foundation, which issues grants to other not-for-profits. Therefore, we are not a wealthy organization. Our purpose is to serve the HBS community by acting as a medium for our communal voice, and we rely on your participation as readers and contributing writers to achieve that purpose. We hope you will consider making The Harbus a notable part of your experience here.

And the note of appreciation: by allowing an independent organization such as The Harbus to both operate and distribute our paper on campus with no official oversight beyond that of student volunteers, the Harvard Business School administration shows extraordinary forebearance and trust in our Editorial Team and the collective voice of our student body. The administration’s support is a testimony to the values they challenge us as students to espouse, and for this they deserve our abiding respect and gratitude.

Now on with our journey. None of us knows what this year will bring. But each of us knows we won’t be in it alone, and The Harbus hopes to be a gathering place for the ideas, passions, and laughter of a community that walks through it together.

Nick Will
Editor In Chief