Welcome back, OH!

There have been a lot of life events to report since last semester. Andi Weil had her baby Sophia on December 25th. Andi has been sighted on campus with the new babe. You are incredible Andi! By the by, Kirsten St. Croix accurately predicted the delivery date at Andi’s baby shower-good job Kirsten! Lisa Spangenberg and Mark got engaged back in Cali! They have been very hush hush about their exciting news so be sure to give them a big congratulatory hug when you see them! And to round out the life events, Juan Pablo and Barbara have a baby on the way! On a more professional note, congratulations to Julia Davies for organizing an excellent WesTrek. Congrats also go out to Will Schoyer and Eric Feagler for their work on Denver Trek. Thanks for organizing! Everyone in section probably has some exciting news to share – hopefully, we can swap stories at the next section event!