On Wednesday, ND capped one of the most amazing runs in HBS Intramural Soccer history with a thrilling 5-4 victory over NH. The win, which earned the Nudies a perfect season record, did not come easy. NH rallied in the second half from two goals down to tie the score with only two minutes left in the game. The Nudies did not fail to respond as Keenan “Robo-Cop” Klinger would take a corner pass from Sean “the Cannonball” Cantwell to punch in the game winning goal. The capacity ND crowd, having cheered the entire game, overwhelmed Harvard security forces at the game and rushed the field. The Nudie faithfuls hoped to come home with some souvenir of this historic day (failing in this effort, the Section would ultimately turn its sights on the Bus Stop).

In the locker room after the game, amid the chaos and champagne spraying – Captain Nico Iacuzzi made it clear that this was a team victory, singling out the major contributions of Jon “Crazy Legs” Rudoe, goalie Sander “the Diaphragm” Koster, and the entire ND squad. “This team is unbelievable. What a ride, that’s all I can (choke) say right now.”

Jon Rudoe, whose dazzling footwork earned him the MVP of the season, offered his own thoughts on the victory, “it was almost as exhilarating as the Cranberries case.” Keenan also provided his own pearl to fortunate bystanders – “That’s the most scoring I’ve done since last summer in Thailand.”

Other notable contributions came from New Jersey import Emily Kemp, Brian Kirkbride (who left the game with a bum knee), Rob “the Gate” Gannett, Florian “the Boot” Schnau, Michael “Prudence” Brookshire, Waltnel “Sammy” Sosa, Nils “Benny Hill” Benneman, Cas “the Bulge” Schneller and Petrus “the Ladies Man” Gunadi. If you want more of the Nudies, team paraphernalia will go on sale in the Coop (“What a Ride” T shirts) while their behind the scenes story is being considered for a LEAD case next fall.