To D or Not to D, Part Deux

Last term, we pondered the age-old query, “To D or Not to D?” for that is the question. We came to one D-finitive conclusion: Section D rocks the House! Here’s why:
The new President of the SA is none other than our own LORI SCHOCK. Let us define for you the Schockwave Effect, for those who haven’t had the benefit yet. It is energetic, it is committed, and it is LOUD. Believe me, next year, the full extent of the Schock Factor WILL be felt. Lori will make sure you are heard. Your concerns, your opinions, your random musings now have a voice-a well-projected voice! Maybe Lori can help the Professors know the difference between BEVERLY ROSS and TJADA D’OYEN. CECILY KOVATCH, Section D’s own social rep, will be continuing her well-honed social skills as part of the SA Social Committee. She will be there to make sure you maximize your party potential in the second year. Word has it she may consult field experts CYRUS HADIDI, ANTR GIBBS, and PAT HUDSON on the matter. GERARD HOLLINS may be pushing Cecily to plan special treks while LUCAS KLEIN will await the parties and OBI ISIADINSO will attend all the presentations.
This is where the stars are. And this time, we’re not talking about the stars of the HBS show. We’re talking about the basketball all-stars. BRIAN DAVIS, who first demonstrated his talent by leaping off a bridge into the river, has now proven that he can jump up as well as down. President Davis has been selected for the A-League All-Star basketball team! Giving the B-League All-Star team a one-two punch are D stars HANS ERICKSON and BARRY HORGAN. Hans is better known for setting off the “Parents of the House of D” trend, as his parents were the first of several to visit class and then party harder than the rest of us at John Harvard’s. Barry can be recognized from his-well, Barry can always be recognized.

The House of D raised over $13,000 from the Summer Search auction! This fruitful and highly entertaining event was coordinated by NICK MAYNARD. The fruitful part of the event was thanks to the coordination efforts of RACHEL CARRIERE and PATIA GRATH. The highly entertaining part of the event came from emcees Nick Maynard and MIKE WARD who proved that their old Skydeck skills were far from rusty. With their “you say GONdola I say gonDOla” chemistry, Nick and Mike added a sense of excitement to each auction item as coalitions were formed, purses were emptied, and Brian Davis bid on everything. Bidders used everything from MARCUS LO’s tennis racket and Cecily Kovatch’s wand to BRETT ATKINS’ plant. Baker scholar wannabes were unearthed as RYAN KIM and ANDREW OXTOBY made the surprise bids for golf with the Dean. An interesting trend developed-when the ladies of D offered the same auction items as the men, they got twice as much for it. Possibly because when it comes to salsa lessons and personal massages, KATE PROTEXTOR and ERICA KASHAMBUZI are preferable to the guys. RICARDO SUAREZ seemed to be the man of the evening as the ladies of D vied to go clubbing with him in Miami and NY. The Italian Stallion Dinner, however, featuring Hans Erickson, Heard On The Street’s GREG VIGIL, SAMIR PARIKH, and future Survivor Marcus Lo gave Ricardo serious competition. But it was the suave not the Suarez guy that won out…BRIAN TOCKMAN had wine thrown into his event and ended up with the highest bid. The true winner of the night, however, was CLAUDIA SENDER, who generously offered a week at her vacation home to two groups from D. Think Real World Brazil-with maid service.
IMRAN AMED is in the House. That’s right-Imran Amed! Purveyor of le French accent during the HBS show! Envy of Auntie Sam! Supposed leader of the Januaries but true member of the septembres! Imran, not Aman. And by the way, that’s Amed-A-M-E-D for all you fools who thought it was Ahmed from these past several Harbus articles. Ahmed is just his stage name. With NADIA BOULOS starring as Maria McKinsey, AUGUSTO MORONTA and his electric guitar, MICKEY KONSON on the big screen, CHRISTIANA VOSKARIDES pulling in ADAM SAMUELSSON behind-the-scenes, Ryan Kim at the lights, and those incredible dance numbers, it’s no wonder the House of D bought the most tickets to the show. When we support our sectionmates, we come in full force. We’ll be celebrating at John Harvard’s in force too.
We’ve also got the star representative of Harvard Business School, BRENT BROWN, in the House. The House of D is the House of Fame thanks to Brent’s appearance on on his background and summer internship experience. Brent has become the representative of average HBS student. Sure-we’ve all served in the military, received a master’s degree at the same time, and founded our own company on top of that. Maybe WILL CLARK and LINDA CAI can agree that they too did “counterintelligence” before coming here. Or maybe that was what MIKE PALEY was doing when he inadvertently chose Coke over Pepsi.

As for second term socials, Section D parties like only Section D knows how. With TOM BAUWENS initiating an international beer party and the likes of BRADLEY CAMPBELL, DAVID GOMEZ, and SONJA OKUN in attendance, how can we not party? JAMIE HERBSTMAN makes sure the ladies of D keep in touch through special events. Wondering what the women of D do and talk about when gathered together? Keep wondering. Let it suffice that the House of D makes being at Harvard such an experience that BRETT KENEFICK’s wife Becky will be close by at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. That’s good to know, as she’s the reason Brett gets up every morning. And we thought it was sitting next to MARJORIE BRENNER. One other new addition to the House of D next year-MICHAEL LEE’s baby, who will hobnob with miniature versions of GREG TOBIAS, FERNANDO SIQUERA, and ORRI HAUKSSON.

The force of D is with us. We’ve got Baker Scholars and flaking cold callers. We’ve got lawyers, accountants, and creative Haiku writers. We’ve got fly fishers, certified massage therapists, and people to serenade others. We’ve got BRENDON DIBELLA, NITYA BHAT, and BILGE BAHAR to answer all the questions in class for us. We’ve got PAT JAMIN and GUILLAUME JABALOT to represent the French and go on strike. We’ve got MIGUEL PITA to tell us what things are impossible. We’ve got JEN GUZMAN to keep those numbers straight and ETHAN BERNSTEIN to keep us straight. We’ve got APARNA PIRAMAL provide the questions and EMILY HSU to provide the answers. We’ve got TEDDY CHO. We’ve got PANCHO MALMIERCA for the memories and RICH JENNINGS to help us forget. We’ve got ALICE LIMKAKENG for the smiles. We’ve got LIONEL ARCHILLE for the Sony TV. We’ve got the new looks of JACQUES BENAIN and KRISTINE DUGAN. We’ve got BOB TRINH and MICHELE IPPOLITI who always look the same. We’ve got NEERA NUNDY for the fashion sense and LARAINE CARROLL for the good sense. We’ve got JACQUES STAMBOULI who doesn’t make sense. We’ve got MIRA HUUSSEN when we want things quiet and JD DHALIWAL when we want the bell. We’ve got KERI DEVON and STEPHEN COHEN to take the best/worst seats in the class. We’ve got the three JOSHes-LUTZKER, RABINA and WILSON. We’ve got every single person from Section D mentioned in this article. We’ve even got our own song. That’s right-just think, “Stand by D.” And finally, we’ve got my Mom’s full approval. Not wanting to give up this tight unit for three months, we’ll be reuniting in Thailand and in Brazil this summer. We’ll be taking a weekend trip to Iceland together next year. CECI JONES can tan again and MATTHIAS MAHR can party. So go forward, Daniel-san, and spread the power of D.