'Til Next Year

If you hate the Academy Awards, then you probably don’t want to read this column. True, when I say column, I do realize that I am using the term quite loosely (this would be exactly my second ‘column’ of the semester). That aside, I have also come to realize that as life gets more and more hectic, the people who you can rely on become all the more important. For this reason, I’ve got a lot of people to thank (I have no doubt that what follows will make the Academy winners appear succinct in comparison, but you can’t say that I didn’t warn you).

So let me start at the beginning. A year ago I never would have guessed that I would be in this position – quite frankly I can hardly believe it today. Despite my complete lack of media/publishing experience (and equally limited knowledge of what being the editor of a newspaper actually entailed), I have loved every minute of this job. The Harbus has given me the chance to meet amazing and interesting people within and outside of the HBS community. It has been the perfect creative release from analytical overload. And with all of its challenges, and with all of its ups and downs, The Harbus has brought me further along in my ‘transformation’ than anything else I have experienced here.

Luckily, I was able to ease into this unknown world with the understanding and patience of many. Special thanks to soon-to-be-rockstar Michael Mahoney, my first interviewee. Five minutes into typing from the audio tape, I hit pause (so I thought), which turned out to be record, which happened to erase the remainder of the taped interview. Thank you again for agreeing to take two!

Staying within the section for a moment, there’s a quite few notable A-teamers who have been a big part of this experience as well. Chris Eisenberg, your expertise and direction have been invaluable. Eric Arnold, your energy and ideas have improved the Board of Directors and the company tenfold. Oli Thomas, you are a true sport (and I just hope you will still be speaking with me after this issue). And finally, Brian Kreiter, your philosophical eminence is matched only by your graciousness. To all of my sectionmates, thank you all for an A-bsolutely A-mazing, A-udacious, and A-we inspiring year.

Any CEO worth her salary knows that the success of an organization depends heavily on the people in the trenches. Likewise, The Harbus owes everything to the production and editorial teams who devotedly put out each issue, week after week. Kate Eberle, you have done so much more than your official role requires; I am eternally grateful for your dedication, your support and your many insights. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure. Ditto for our fabulous business team – Jenny Schultz, Jen Sussman, and Jen Henry – and for our designers old and new, Jessica Brilli and Nicole Burkart. Thank you all for making the magic happen and for keeping Gallatin E alive and humming.

As for the editorial team, I give thanks for all of you each Wednesday night as my inbox miraculously fills with content. Your enthusiasm, creativity, humor and Herculean efforts have been incredible. Jaya Tandon, despite all of your juggling, you have managed to find new angles and contributors in order to keep our news substantive and fresh. Carole Winkler and Analisa Balares, thank you for helping to make so many of these headlines! Rodney Reid, I am continually amazed by the perspectives and opinions that you are able glean from incredibly accomplished people and that you so eloquently present each week.
Maria Wich-Vila, you keep me laughing late into the night, whether with your writing or through your tales of extreme activity overload (selfishly, I must admit that you sometimes make me feel just a little better about my own personal chaos). That Guy – not only have you served the legacy well but you also had me totally fooled – thank you helping us to laugh at each other and for keeping life in perspective. Jason Phillips and Michael Wharfe, your versatility is astounding. From concerts and venue reviews to obscure film critiques, you have skillfully balanced the arts with entertainment (although it is only fair to note that your piece ‘Top Five Time Fillers’ (4/12/04) did produce certain devastating after-affects). Last but certainly not least, Jamil Khan and Joseph Tesvic – though I still can’t tell a scrum from a ruck, or distinguish between a hooker and a flyhalf, I have immensely enjoyed the tales of your exploits and have acquired a new appreciation for all things rugby (Mans and John, you have very tough shoes to fill).

To the other brave RCs who have stepped in to take over – especially Kris Chikelue, Youmna Salemeh, Donald Sheets, and Astrid Stevenson – I have no doubts that you will shake things up, stamp your own personalities on this wonderful weekly tradition, and have as much fun as we did in the process. I can’t wait to see where you take it!

Of course, this wouldn’t be a farewell without at least a few sentimental tributes. First and foremost, thank you Adriana Boden for setting me on this incredible journey. Second, it would be unjust not to recognize our readers, from the most loyal (Hi mom!) to the occasional; every time I see one of you carrying a copy, you totally make my day. And to all of you who have shared a story or written one – irrespective of whether it was obtained by pleading, bribery, guilt, blackmail or threats of physical violence – thank you, thank you, thank you, for your contributions. Finally, I would especially like to thank my husband Chris who has given up so much to be here with me, who is the person who deals with my stress at deadline and over papers, and who has been my inspiration and biggest supporter. I am incredibly thankful for all that you are and for all that you have done for me – you are my hero and my best friend.

So, with a quick word to an unexpected sponsor – thanks to the folks at Keurig who have ensured that if nothing else, we at the Harbus are properly caffeinated – that’s all from me. Next term, in the absence of debating section mate, section-mate, or sectionmate, I plan to be out and about a bit more, and I’m even thinking of visiting that place called Shad. I still plan to write, of course, making this not really a true goodbye (which I’ve never been fond of). So, ’til then!

-Anne Ristau
Editor In Chief