Three Weddings, Two Babies and One Bankrupt Company

While we may not have found out what all our sectionmates were doing over the extended winter break, we do have some idea of what a few of them were doing last October replica watches. It seems that, as Vincent Cobee would say, “AprŠs seven section babies, le d‚luge.” Congratulations are in order for Martha Rhode and one other mystery woman (hint: it’s not me) – both of whom are due to have babies in July. Good thing the graduation robes are roomy!

There must be some rule about keeping a certain number of Section C women “in the family way” as John and Cari Griggs are the proud parents of one Jackson Riley Griggs born on December 2nd.
Meanwhile, at the other end of the life and death spectrum //, Rick de los Reyes spent some time over the break in Houston, stopping by ” the scene of the crime” or Enron’s headquarters. Misha Lomtadze, who also spent time last summer interning at Enron’s headquarters, spent his break in his native Georgia.

With all the pregnancies, the three newly-married folks in the section might be feeling a bit of pressure. Several Cers including Brendan Strong, Jonathan Liew, Masa Sakairi, Geoff Hsu, Jeremy Swinson, Cam Dyer, Rick Needham, Gonzalo Chueca, Rod Norman, Marti Jimenez, Alejandro Krell, Mike Dal Bello, Monica Chi, Diego Azqueta Secco, Leo Leterlier Pimstein, Matu Satz, Alexis Palmer, and Brenda Saavedra as well as spouses, friends, assorted entourage and hangers-on attended Arturo Alvarez Demalde’s nuptials on December 29th in Buenos Aires.
Craig Collister also tied the knot on January 5th with his now-wife Kirsten. While there were no C-ers in attendance at the wedding in Australia (apparently, they were all in Argentina), a few other HBSers did make the festivities. Congratulations are also due to Marleta Ross who married Aaron Roach on Sunday, December 23rd in a civil ceremony in Long Island, NY. After contemplating a second or two, Ross decided to keep her name.

Finally, Bel‚n Aranda-Alvarado spent 22 hours of her winter “break” in labor to deliver the beautiful Natalia Bel‚n Meneses into the world on December 14th. Yeah, maybe you could’ve gotten up from the couch, huh?