They Said What?

Okay, this is an unpaid advertisement: SEND IN YOUR QUOTES! It takes just seconds, and can contribute to the enjoyment of your entire class here at HBS (especially your section), as well as the classes a year ahead and a year behind you, who you may never see again after graduation. If nothing else, those who submit multiple quotes in a week normally get their own name in print in this introductory paragraph!
Top 10 reasons to submit quotes to

10. It’s funny.

9. Someone in one of your classes says something embarrassing, and you want to raise the bar of embarrassment.

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. We have so little else to do with our time here at HBS.

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2. You made such a great comment in class that you want to submit your own quote so everyone outside your section can have the honor of learning your vast wisdom.
…and the number one reason to submit quotes to

1. Four words: Your name in print.

That said, put down that BGIE Great Depression data set and enjoy this week’s quotes:

Marc Bertoneche (Finance):
“If you are manipulating numbers against yourself, then you are crazy.”
“I don’t consider my mission here at The Business School as telling you only what is happening in reality.”
“The big difference between Americans and French is that Americans are rating their Mutual Funds and their Bonds while the French are rating their Restaurants.”
“In the US, a strike would be classified as a specific risk, in France it is a systematic risk.”

[in finance] Russ DeMartino (NH): “There is no good reason for the numbers I have.”

Assistant Professor Michael Roberto (Strategy): “And what do you make of this list of industries with substantially higher than normal returns on investments?”

Barry Gittleman (NH): “Since women’s clothing is up with all those technology companies, I’d say women pay too much for clothes.”

Lorraine Idson (Negotiation): “Geoff, you got a really good price in the negotiation. Do you want to tell us how?”
Geoff Shaevitz (NI): “I lied.”