They Said What

Barry Gittleman (OH) [During CCMO: Incentives class on General Dynamics downsizing in 1991 under CEO William Anders]: “As someone who has been more than 800 feet underwater on multiple submarines built by General Dynamics, I have a huge problem with the CEO getting paid millions while laying off 17,000 employees, and some employees protesting outside company headquarters while the 77,000 remaining employees are pissed off that their friends got fired and still inside building submarines.”

Bevin Jackson (OG) [During Corporate Financial Management, in a case about funeral homes]: “I can’t remember where this fact was mentioned in the case.
Prof. Carl Kester: “Yes, ‘buried’ somewhere…”

Strategy (NC) [After people introduce 2 guests (2 McKinsey consultants)]:
Pr. John Wells: “… 2 McKinsey… today I have to slow down a bit…”

Neeraj Karhade (NC): “It takes me two days to learn the rules of a new videogame, and I usually get bored after a week.”
Ellen McCance (NC): “I actually played SuperMario Bros for maybe 2 years!”
Pr. John Wells (Strategy): “Some people learn faster than others…”

Prof. Ken Froot (FIN 2): ‘We picked a beverage company to deal with issues of liquidation…’

Professor Yao (STRAT): “Would anyone like to respond to Adrian’s point? Yes, Ulrich?”
Ulrik Smith (NB): “People buy Coke and Pepsi for the brand…”
Yao: “Is that a response to Adrian’s point?”
Ulrik: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know that’s what you wanted. But I can respond to Adrian’s point.”
Yao:, “Ok.”
Ulrik: “I disagree with Adrian.”

Zuhairah Scott (NB) [When called on in Strat, but didn’t answer]: “Oh, sorry, I didn’t have my glasses on…and I didn’t hear you.”

Athelstan Bellerand (NJ): “Airlines are stupid. Ryanair is stupid.”

Estelle Cantillon (Strat Prof): “What should BSB do in response to Sky?”
Tom Vanden Bussche (NJ): “We should buy porn”

Dan Thibeault (NB) [in BGIE, when answering what steps Saudi Arabia should take]: “They should do something about their capital markets, specifically around the banking system and monetary policy…”
Professor Alfaro: “What do you think about Dan’s solution? Would anyone like to respond?”
Mike Kozub [after a long silence in the classroom]: “Well, if Dan said it, it’s got to be right.”