They Said What

Neeraj Karhade (NC) [in Strategy]: “It takes me two days to learn the rules of a new videogame, and I usually get bored after a week.’
Ellen McCance (NC): “I actually played SuperMario Bros for maybe 2 years.”

Professor John Wells: “Some people learn faster than others.”

Professor Brian Hall [Coordination, Control and Management of Organizations: Incentives]:
“When charisma fails, there’s CCMO.”

Professor Ananth Raman (Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains): “Harvard counting – anything more than one is five.”

“I am often disoriented.”

“I have seen The Godfather many times. The only movie I have seen more is The Jungle Book. Those of you with kids know what I am talking about. It is an excellent babysitter.”
Raman: “Where did you see this graph?”
Moon Lee (OI): “It was in the video you told us to watch.”
Brian Bechard (OI): “[My wife] does all the shopping… I refuse to interact with salespeople.”
Raman: “You don’t shop. You don’t talk to salespeople. Other than Patty, where is the sanity in your life?”

[how to deal with supply chain problems]Wayne Vacek (OE): “You need someone with a hammer, and when different parts of the organization get out of line, you hammer them.”

Professor Michael Watkins (Corporate Diplomacy):
“I actually look pretty good in tie-die.”

Professor Jan Rivkin (Advanced Competitive Strategy): “We’re talking about a company that lost $23 billion in one year, which at Harvard Business School, calls for a moment of silence.”

Professor Ken Froot (FIN2) and Craig Lichtenstein (NB):
Froot: What do you discount it by?
Craig: The discount rate.
Froot: What is the discount rate?
Craig: R.
Froot: R What?
Craig: Ru?
Froot: Ru?
Craig: Ru.
Froot: Ru there?
Craig: Uh, WACC?
Froot: Are you just throwing all the terms out?

Steve Kezerian (NB) in BGIE [responding to Professor Alfaro’s question of whether BGIE would have been important for USSR leaders in 1960]:
“Of course, BGIE would have been very helpful”.
Alfaro: “Really?”
Steve: “Yes, all that stuff that we studied is very important.”
Professor Alfaro: “Really?”
Steve (after a long hesitation): “Yeah, actually BGIE is not important at all.”