They Said What

This week we again bring you memorabe quotes from EC and RC classes. Please continue to submitt all comments by email to

Professor Richard Tedlow [comparing HBS to Wharton] “We don’t do underlying value of companies here. We network. We bond. We do Crimson Greetings.” “I don’t do the 90s or 2000 because you get that in your real classes. This is a history class.”

[on exams] “When I was in college and grad school, I hated them. Now that I am a professor, I hate them more.”

Matt Stovcsik: “I actually had an Explorer and I had a blowout on I-94, but be that as it may, I have nothing bad to say about Ford.”

John Curbishley: “I paid money for this bottle of water. I’m not sure why I did. It’s completely valueless. I could have got the water from the tap. I don’t know why I didn’t.”

Curbishley: “I do less work here than I did with a job with a state broadcasting company in Britain, and that’s hard to do.”

Tedlow: “After hearing your comment, John, I am looking forward to grading your exam.”

Professor Ananth Raman,/b> (Coordinating and Managing Supply Chains) [after Bee’s perfect answer on a question about a first derivative]: “Coming from me, the term nerd is the highest honor I can give you. Are you embarrassed now that I said that?”

Bee Phanaphat (OE): “No, I’m proud of that.”

Professor Raman: “I can’t draw trucks, but I’ve become very good at drawing the normal distribution curve.”

Associate Professor Morten Hansen (General Management Processes and
Actions): “Tell me about your group process. What did you do?”

Bill Fruhan (OE): “We did the Five Forces Analysis. First, we tried to remember what the Five Forces were.”

Craig Lichtenstein (NB): to Professor Yao in Strategy, in the middle of answering a question Yao raised: “I’m not sure why you’re putting those numbers on the board.”

Steve Kezirian (NB): after pausing for 10 seconds after he replied “floating” to Professor Alfaro’s (BGIE) question of whether he would go with a gold standard or a floating exchange rate system: “I suppose you’d like to know why”

Adam Hall(NB): cold-calling a section mate in Strategy: “I believe Chuck would like to answer that”

Nir (NB): when Professor Froot hesitated because Nir didn’t have a name card: “But you called on me before and knew my name. Ok, awkward moment.”

Noam Leslan(NB): Where did you get the number?

Professor Froot: I made it up.

Noam: That’s fine, but what was your methodology in making it up?

Marisa Arrendondo(NB):, answering a classmates question in BGIE: I think the answer is what I said a few classes ago…

Jay Yook (NB): [after a comment in BGIE] I’m not sure what that means, but I just thought I’d share it.

Charlie Hansell(NG): [After being asked a question in FIN2] was actually looking at you, but I wasn’t listening. Froot