The Top 25 Section H Moments

25. Pepsi 1, Michael 0

24. Ducati 1, Andrei 0

23. Market Your Comment Day: Sally’s hair dryer and Jake’s Right Guard

22. Luc teaches classa on an inflatable raft while scratching his head with a giant plastic
rake…with several prospective students in the room

21. Kartik wins word of the day by stating “I feel like a maharaja proclaiming my guru mantra in my Beetle.”

20. Luc gets no points for his “Taj Mahal” response

19. Tom passes his Finance cold call: “Well, I was talking to Clay before class…”

18. HBS show members arriving for class in costume. Ben E. Hana (a.k.a. Ed Huang): “Class discussion too long. Answer is yes/no…Go home.”

17. Hannah sings “We’d Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover” from “Annie” in BGIE

16. Jan Rivkin climbs up the chalkboard with his colored chalk

15. Nancy cold calls J.R.’s little brother

14. His little brother cracks the case

13. 84 aspiring Harvard MBAs (and one CEO) learn that a chimpanzee could beat them in the Beer Game

12. FDR is denounced as a socialist

11. Tom tries to make change in pence

10. Lindsey wins the paper, rock, scissors competition

9. Jumping jacks with the City Year team: “Bring it on!”

8. Mason’s rise and fall in his grass skirt

7. “Stev (click)”

6. Luis proves Fermat’s Last Theorem on the chalkboard

5. Ree-shard, G‚r-ald, M -son and Fab-rich‚

4. Heba’s burp

3. Philipp describes the P&G marketing “triangle”

2. Chris Graham impersonates Philipp’s P&G marketing “triangle”

1. Mark raises his hand.