The Priscilla Ball – The Recap and Remorse

Last Friday, October 18 half of the HBS population participated in annual ritual sponsored by the Aussie & Kiwi Club to display a different side to the usual business school persona seen in class everyday. Take it from me, it was a most splendid and mahhhhrvelous time. The Ball started at 8:00pm, which did not deter us “girls” from dressing up even earlier.

Despite the initial difficulties of properly applying lipstick and mascara, many of us successfully made it to the plethora of pre-parties around campus. While I envy women for being able to use make-up (wait, did I just say that?), I also have the suspicion that the Priscilla Ball was an event held for the amusement of the (real) women of HBS. Don’t believe me? Oh honey, let me tell you…walking in high heels is more painful than sitting through consulting presentations and Monday morning classes combined! When else do women get the chance to see men in stockings and a dress or get to share the bathroom with us? Score one for the ladies.

An early highlight of the evening came upon our arrival at the Prudential Center. Unsuspecting bystanders and mall patrons were stuck between shock and amusement as they observed the beautiful parade of an all-girl group strutting down the mall. “Yes,” we proclaimed, “we are the future business leaders of the world!” Upon our arrival at the Skywalk, we were greeted by a stunning view of Boston. But who could pay any attention to the view with all the action indoors? The dancing, consumption, and “socializing” in the ladies’ room were only the beginning. Details about NB’s truth-or-dare cannot be revealed here for fear of destroying ninety futures careers, but it shall be sufficient to say that we all will from now on view our classmates in a different way.

Enough said. The clock struck midnight too soon for the countless Cinderallas in the room. But the various after-parties kept the ball rolling until the wee-hours of the night. It truly was a great and very memorable night!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for next year’s Ball. In the meantime, I’ll keep abreast of the latest fashions by reading Vogue religiously and will visit Newbury Street regularly to stay on top of the latest in Kate Spade handbags. Maybe I’ll even get lucky and my leg hair will grow back in time for next year’s Ball! I’ll see you there, girlfriend.