The Maine Event

So you have another long fall weekend ahead. But you don’t have enough time to travel overseas and you’re sick of ending up in New York and spending more money than you wanted to. What should you do?

Well, we decided to travel within New England. We rented a zipcar and drove up to Maine on a slightly chilly but clear and sunny day. The three-hour drive flew by as we admired the bright trees and the blue sky. The foliage was simply stunning.

We stayed at a quaint bed & breakfast right by the beach in Kennebunkport, which we loved! Although it was too cold to swim, we enjoyed watching the waves and adventuring out on the rocks on the beach.

At night, we indulged in a delicious dinner of lobster bisque at a restaurant with a warm fireplace, excellent food, and (of course) great compan–what more could we possibly ask for?

Of course there were many other activities to take part in besides eating–the hiking, for one, was phenomenal! And after enjoying the wonders of nature, it certainly didn’t hurt to get some shopping done at Freeport (excellent deals!) on the way back.

So the next time you have a long weekend to kill, we strongly suggest you consider visiting Maine. It was the perfect escape.