The Intraview's Post Game Interview with Goldie

Me ‘n’ Him

Goldie: Was this your first date with a women who knows how to wield an acetylene torch? If so, how would you evaluate the women welders of the world?
Schropfer: Yes it was, and I would have to say I would evaluate them quite positively.
Goldie: You seem to have some passionate feelings about sheep. Have you had some sort of bad experience with a sheep in your past?
Schropfer: Let’s just say think some sheep are rather stuck-up.
Goldie: What exactly did you wear on your date with Michelle?
Schropfer: Oh, boy. Let’s see, grey slacks and a merino wool sweater. But what I discovered was that there was a cigarette burn on my shoulder, so I was a little self-conscious.
Goldie: What form of production were they using at Jimmy’s? Assembly line, cell, or job shop?
Schropfer: They were using a cell system.
Goldie: Did you make any suggestions to Jimmy Junior?
Schropfer: No, I was just overwhelmed by the whole thing.
Goldie: Do you think more or fewer fights will break out between the audit team and the production team in the gourmet meal Shad Exercise versus the current Shad exercise?
Schropfer: I think that depends on how well the wine is matched.

Me ‘n’ Her

Goldie: Please rank-order the following discussion topics from most romantic to least romantic: Animal Husbandry, Welding, Restaurant Mass Production.
Gee: I would say welding, animal husbandry, and then restaurant mass production
Goldie: What is it about welding that makes it so romantic?
Gee: It’s not that welding is so romantic, it’s that the mass production of anything is extremely not romantic.
Goldie: So, Frank dedicated a significant percentage of his article to a discussion of sheep, yet you failed to mention the topic a single time. Still too traumatic to talk about?
Gee: No, no it was entertaining, but I figured that he would cover it in enough detail in his article that I wouldn’t need to discuss it in mine.
Goldie: What form of production were they using at Jimmy’s? Assembly line, cell, or job shop?
Gee: Oh God, TOM was like a year ago! How am I supposed to remember? Uh, cell?
Goldie: That’s what he said.
Gee: Woo hoo!

Me ‘n’ Them

Goldie: OK, I have previously been asking this question in a more neutral fashion, but I have decided that these extreme times call for extreme measures. I went back and forth between the carrot and the stick, and decided to start with the carrot. So, do you think there will be another Intraview if I, say, covered the cost of one entr‚e valued up to $10 if you went out again?
Gee: Hmm. Tempting carrot. He’s a great guy, so we’ll see.
Schropfer: Yes, hopefully the planning won’t take a whole three weeks to set up.