The Intraview's Post Game Interview

Me ‘n’ Her

AuntieGoldie: So tell me the truth. What did you really think about the nine-hour serve-a-thon date concept?

Holden: I was definitely not doing that. It was fundamentally the 7:30 am thing-if it was 9:00 am I would probably have been more up for it, but 7:30 on a Saturday just wasn’t going to happen.

AuntieGoldie: So what led you decide to drive? Worried about the driving abilities of second year men?

Holden: No, no, I was just trying to add flexibility to the date, between the T or a car, I was definitely going to take the T.

AuntieGoldie: So, how would you define a “Veal Man?” Was the waitress spot-on in her assessment of Nick?

Holden: You know, I have no idea what a Veal Man is, but she seemed really confident that veal was for him. We were the last diners there, and I think they were just trying to get rid of excess inventory at the end of the evening.

AuntieGoldie: So, is Nick a LIFO man or FIFO man, and why?

Holden: Probably a FILO man-he’s very committed to causes and would be the first one involved, but he would remain committed to the very end.

AuntieGoldie: Any advice to the single ladies of HBS?

Holden: Flash the guys or accost them on the dance floor. It seems to work miracles.

Me ‘n’ Him

AuntieGoldie: So far, 75% of the single guys I have selected have been from OD. Can you come up with a plausible explanation for my apparent obsession with the Men of D?

Maynard: Hmm, AuntieGoldie was in Section C, wasn’t she? Given that you lived next door to us for an entire year, could this be more telling about the qualities of the men of OC than mean anything special about OD?

AuntieGoldie. Ouch. I’ll refrain from comment on that one. OK. It was interesting to hear that your original date plans consisted of a nine-hour serve-a-thon. Is this some sort of dating strategy for you-victory by attrition? Was your plan to wear her down?

Maynard: Well, Habitat for Humanity has a slogan they use called “sweat equity.” I think a woman should have to earn her time with me. (At this point, Mr. Maynard made a valiant attempt to backpedal from his comments, but I won’t go into it here.)

AuntieGoldie: You know that you ended up at the top of my list because of the touching haiku you wrote about me. Quick, write a haiku about spelunkers.

Two women go into caves
Fearless daredevils
Stef, am I a feminist?

Me ‘n’ Them

AuntieGoldie: Will there be another Intraview?

Holden: With whom?

AuntieGoldie: With Nick!

Holden: Well, probably not, he’s a bit more of a leftist than me. He’s a totally interesting guy, but I’m not sure he’s quite interested in all the stuff I do.

Maynard: I think we will hang out again, but I don’t think there will be another Intraview.