The Intraview's Post Game Interview with Goldie

Me ‘n’ Her

Goldie: So, this date occurred in London. Where should the next Intraview occur: a) Paris, b) Milan, c) Bali, or d) Johannesburg?

Papoutsakis: I don’t know, I think Bali would be pretty cool.

Goldie: I’m sorry, the correct answer is Johannesburg. But that’s still OK because you tried. All right, let’s move on.

Pap: I didn’t realize there were correct answers.

Goldie: There are always correct answers. You’re from Jersey. How would you compare the New York Metro area bridge-and-tunnel crowd with the London bridge-and-tunnel crowd? And anyway, isn’t London Bridge located in some retirement community in Arizona or something?

Papoutsakis: They’re surprisingly similar. I think that whole demographic segment just transcends global borders.

Goldie: That’s really beautiful, but let’s move on. Just as The Weakest Link tries to frantically shore up its ratings by trying to do clever theme shows, I’m thinking about starting to do theme dates. Do you think the HBS community would be interested in reading about a date between Martin’s Princess Charming and your friendly Canuck? And just how friendly was your Canuck, anyway?

Papoutsakis: I actually think they would get along fabulously. And my friendly Canuck was really more forward than friendly.

Goldie: Here’s another idea. I think I should redate all the Intraview guys to provide the HBS community with a second opinion on their catchability. Should I start with Martin?

Papoutsakis: Yeah, I think Martin is a great, great guy. I think anyone who went out with him would have a great time, even if they didn’t make a love connection.

Me ‘n’ Him

Goldie: So you offered to conduct your Intraview with Eva in London, but the most exotic offer I got for this interview was for Spangler. What’s up with that?

Brand: A quick trip to New York would work if you had the time, but for Eva, it had to be London.

Goldie: You both appear to be in tune with the HBS gossip scene. Care to share any juicy tidbits with Goldie?

Brand: I’d like to pass on that one.

Goldie: Tell me more about this VIP section. The only VIP section I’ve ever been in was at Chili’s. Was P. Diddy at least there?

Brand: Chili’s? I’ve never been to Chili’s, but I think it’s a very similar establishment. We got tables to sit at, but no P. Diddy and no J.Lo, unfortunately.

Goldie: So, I’m starting to feel like Ann Robinson on The Weakest Link, desperately trying to come up with cute themes to shore up my ratings. Any recommendation on a clever theme Intraview?

Brand: Transvestite Intraviews? Marine Intraviews? Professor Intraviews? Actually I’d really like to see a professor match-up, but I’d better keep quiet on who specifically.

Me ‘n’ Them

Goldie: OK, last week I tried the carrot technique on this question, so this week I’m going to try out the stick. Will you two go out on another Intraview if I tell you that if you don’t, I have the power to prevent either one of you from finding a summer internship?

Papoutsakis: Of course I would! In exchange for not getting paid this summer, I would totally go out with him again.

Brand: I’d love to go out on another Intraview with Eva, as long as I don’t have to write another article, regardless of your powers to get me a job.