The HBS Volleyball Club Fall Classic

Come support your HBS volleyball teams as they compete in their first tournament of the year! At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 17th, Shad Hall will be opening its doors to over 60 volleyball players from HBS and five other business schools.

Stop by Shad to cheer your fellow HBS students on as they compete with volleyball teams from Wharton, Sloan, Stern, Columbia, and Darden for the HBS Volleyball Club’s first inter-business school Fall Classic championship.

The HBS Volleyball Club is sponsoring three HBS teams in the tournament. These teams include both 1st and 2nd year HBS students, as well as several partners and an HBS staff member.

At stake are the Fall Classic championship trophy, individual gold medals, and bragging rights for the 1st place team, and a set of individual silver medals for the 2nd place team. With three teams, HBS is looking to dominate the competition and claim the top three spots.
The Fall Classic will run from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Courts 1 and 2 in Shad Hall. Stop by the gym to get a close-up view of the action as the HBS teams crush the teams from other b-schools. Or, get a birds-eye view and prime seating on the comfortable inside lane of the Shad Hall indoor track above the courts!

Dan Martin (OG), an HBS Team 1 member whose laziness on the volleyball court can only be overcome by the presence of an audience, has even shown the initiative to organize a squad of HBS cheerleaders that will be led by devoted volleyball fan Geraldine Coppola (OC). “Go, Dan, Go!”
The tournament begins with two pools of four teams each, in round-robin pool play, extending until approximately 4:00 pm. At the conclusion of pool play, the top two teams from each pool will advance to a single-elimination playoff bracket, consisting of two three-game semifinals and a three-game championship final.

With the tournament just two weeks away, the three HBS teams have already begun training and practicing for the competition. Curt Medeiros (OH), of HBS Team 1, commented, “This is pretty serious sh*t.”

However, when Team 1 captain Marcus Lo led the HBS teams in a serious of drills at the first Saturday afternoon practice, it was clear that more practice was needed for the teams. With half of the players weary after a long night at the Harvard Ball, members of all three teams sent volleyballs flying out of control all over Shad Court 1. “I guess I didn’t realize how much I had to drink last night at Harvard Ball,” reflected HBS Team 3 member Gisel Hiscock (ND) during a break in the drills.

However, it is clear that the amount of talent on the teams is deep, and members of the HBS Volleyball Club are optimistic about the performance of HBS teams.

Although Carolyn Bockius (OA) is unable to play in the tournament after sustaining a finger injury that resulted from her clumsiness on the football field (just stick to volleyball, Carolyn…), she remains excited about the competition and anticipates attending the tournament over other events.
“It will definitely be the better of the two sporting events on 11/17. You can travel all the way to New Haven to watch the undergrads beat up on Yale, or you can watch your classmates finish first, second, and third against the other B-school powerhouses,” commented Carolyn.
For more information about the Fall Classic tournament, visit the Volleyball Club’s website at //

HBS Team 1 Roster
Marcus Lo (OD) (captain)
Andrew Lee, 2002 partner
Curt Medeiros (OH)
Dan Martin (OG)
Erin Rice (NB)
Legrand Lewis (NC)
Mart¡ Jimenez (OC)
Kerry Brown (2003 partner)

HBS Team 2 Roster
Paul Sims (OJ) (captain)
Diane McMahon (NJ)
Jennifer Henzel (NI)
Laurent Therivel (NA)
Max Coqui (NB)
Mike Ward (OD)
Peter Platzer (OJ)
Sasha Berson (OH)

HBS Team 3 Roster
Alex Dearaujo (NE) (captain)
Al Lemieux (HBS Staff)
Brook Hazelton (NG)
Dwayne Golomb (2003 partner)
Eric Sillman (OJ)
Gisel Hiscock (ND)
Javier Segovia (OF)
Katie Cunningham (NI)