The Harbus Intraview

What was that song Kermit the Frog sang about friendship? “The Rainbow Connection?” Wait, did Kermit the Frog sing that song? Come to think about it, did it have anything to do with friendship? OK, I have no idea, but this is the point I’m trying to make: although unlike other Intraviews, this week’s couple did not end up making out in the back of a cab-OK, OK, no couple has ended up making out in the back of a cab-they did have a fun time and each made a new friend. Wow, Auntie’s getting sappy in her old age.

Let’s see if there is any Auntie-related news. Oh, Auntie is thinking about getting more creative with her dates. I’d really like to set up a m‚nage a trois, but I’m sure that violates some sort of journalistic principle, so why don’t I just start with a double date. If you and a friend-the friend doesn’t have to go to HBS-would like me to set you up on a double date, just send me an email at Come on, will somebody please email me?