The Back Nine

This past weekend at one of the many “sell” events going around the country, I ran into a fellow first-year from Kellogg named Mark Christenson. Since we both had signed up for the following day’s golf option based on the promise of sunny Texas weather (which was a lie), conversation turned to our golf games. Then things diverged. While I have played for two summers, it turns out that Mark has played for…ever. Specifically, he played NCAA golf for four years and before that trained with a couple of other great players. You may have heard of one of them: his high school teammate was Phil Mickelson.
So where is this going? The conversation at the table turned to tour events – more specifically that fact that I’ve never been to one. More than one person indicated that for those interested in golf, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Since this summer will provide an opportunity for many of us to travel and enjoy some down time, I decided to publish the PGA Tour’s schedule through early September in case anyone out there want to hit one of these, or just catch it on TV.

Stay tuned in two weeks for the full Cabo San Lucas golf resort report and enjoy your break.

Note: for anyone who missed him last time, golf pro Joe McKinney will visit Shad and conduct video analysis of your swing on Thursday March 22 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Pre-registration is required and clubs are available or you may bring your own. I’d suggest a mid-iron that you’re most comfortable with, i.e. a 7-iron. Call Shad at 495-6060 to schedule.