The A-Team Brings Down The House

The past month has been a whirlwind for Section A. From auctions to birthday parties, fashion shows to rock shows, it’s been harder and harder to concentrate on cases-especially when a few ninety-degree days were thrown into the mix. Highlights of the past few weeks include:

o Neil Edward’s 30th birthday-it seems as though our stack of Section A blackmail pictures continues to grow-judging from the picture from Neil’s Killington celebration displayed during SkyDecks…

o Navin Dadlani’s birthday party at the Armani Caf‚-Navin himself may not remember it, but hey, the rest of us had a great time!

o The Fashion show-Neil “I’m Too Sexy for My Velvet Pants” Edwards and Delia “Dengue Fever Be Damned!” Vallejo strutted their stuff at an excellent show put together by Daphne Choi.

o Speaking of velvet pants-the Charity Auction was a huge success, although some were more “Funky Fresh” than others. Moments to remember from the night include: Tony “Soprano” Carango and his pimped-out outfit, Stephen Mauri getting Snaussages stuffed into his mouth, Ray Mertens as Kid Rock, pies in the face for Ryan Desmond and Eric Fleiss, the “bid-off” for Gail Hodge’s massage between Ray and Eric, and last, but most certainly not least: THE WORM, performed by Tina Snowden. We will get you to do it again Tina, oh yes, we will. Once again Ryan, great job pulling the auction together, we all had a great time.

o Corporate Whore playing another fantastic show at the House of Blues.

o Four more country presentations: the wonders of Bulgaria; the fashions of Canada, the past-times of Texas, and the diversity of Israel.

o Candlepin bowling at the funky Milky Way Lounge with the Partner’s Club, and at Ryan’s Amusement Center as a section event.
Which brings us up to the recent past, and perhaps the biggest event of the year-The HBS Show, Infernal Rate of Return. I think it’s fair to say that the “section love” and “section pride” were definitely in the house that night, as those of us in the audience went wild with so many members of the A-Team in the production. Even Professor Rohit Deshpande said at a recent section meeting: “I’ve never seen the talent displayed in The HBS Show in the classroom.” Uh… nevermind that. Anyway, a brief recap of A’s contributions to IRR:

o Charles Masters in the Orchestra – The trumpet was kicking it loud and clear.

o Jatin Kakkar the Webmaster – No viruses, no crashes, job well done.

o Amanda Key and Delia Vallejo as Ushers – Making sure we all got our prime seats A-OK.

o Jessica Lutzker and Alicia Mackin on Make-up – Making the demons look evil and the ladies look mah-velous.

o Rolo Leyton as part of the Stage Crew – Supervising the spotlight like a pro.

o Nicki White with Props and Lighting – Burden was truly transformed by your magic.

o Tony Carango, the Marketing Director – “You WILL buy tickets, or answer to me!”

o Daphne Choi and Tina Snowden as Supporting Cast Members and Dancers – The spicy dance numbers came close to topping The Worm.

o Patrick Landers as Phillipe – I KNEW he wasn’t Irish.

o Careina Williams as Ebitda – One question: Why are you at HBS and not out kicking Whitney Houston’s sorry butt? Seriously, you can take her. We are all in awe of your amazing voice.

o And behind the scenes-controlling it all, mistress of the night-we have Executive Producer Ruby Kam. WOW. Did you have to clone yourself to put in so much effort? Seriously, great job, you really went above and beyond.

The show was FANTASTIC. Congratulations to everyone involved. Now get some rest!