The Absentee G Skydeck Recipient(s)

I’m getting so much smarter as I grow older-this time I decided to write of my own volition rather than waiting for Section G to read me my rights and guilt-trip me into writing a section column again. I am also hearing nasty rumors from certain of the skydeck gang-most notably from Jeff and Chris who seem complicit in some deep subterfuge-that I am being awarded skydecks in my absence and that my newest skydeck is one for never staying for skydecks.

All of Section G is back looking tanned and godlike. Not, I am led to believe, as a result of the social enterprise alternative spring break trips-we in Section G are firm hedonists. To the point where, much to Mike’s chagrin, we even oppose shipping our labor skills across the world at will in the name of comparative advantage. Dave continues to create the baby betting pools tirelessly and G members continue to have babies tirelessly. In the last few months, we’ve had three men becoming or about to become fathers: Amit, Paul, and Marc. Marriages have happened over the last few months as well-Paolo is now known to have a dreamy look in his eyes at least some of the time. That still hasn’t stopped him and Damian from being the numbers gurus in the class.

The HBS Show is here and Lexi, Julie, and Diana are STARS. They performed outstandingly: who knew Julie had it in her to recreate Stomp and that Lexi would be able to get on stage in a rabbit suit? Diana looked sharp and sexy, dancing up a storm as people yelled out her name. She doesn’t just dance on the tables in class after all-she does get up in front of the whole HBS community, unlike the rest of us that prefer the security of our inimitable Section G. Our very own Professor Rukstad was the only member of the faculty (and a true sport) featured in the HBS Show. There is such a thing as faculty-student cooperation outside classes after all.

The section yearbook picture is not all about Section G that will appear in the yearbook after all. A star-seeking photographer was able to track down an elusive subset of the G-sters outside Baker, where they happened to be loitering after the picture cooking up ways to make these last four weeks of class entertaining. The candid shots have it all: Bob in Omar’s arms; Tina, Patricia, Cris, Martha, Mira, and others being photographed in the back of a pick up truck. . .could this mean that the first half of business school is coming to an end?