Spring Is In The Air

Spring is in the air. The trees on Spangler lawn are blooming, the birds are chirping, and the winter coats are tucked away. So what’s the problem? One word: cases.

I have to say, I really didn’t mind reading cases this year. For the most part, they were interesting, if for no other reason than as an exercise in copy-editing. They taught me about industries, countries and formulas that I was unfamiliar with, and they exposed me to a vast array of protagonists who I learned to love, hate and promptly forget.

But enough’s enough. Suddenly, all cases are at least fifteen pages long, and three-case days predominate. Accompanying notes, videos and quizzes just damper the spring spirit that much more. I know there are only three weeks left, but come on. Lighten up.

And how can we be expected to read so many cases with fun, community-wide events occurring practically every day? First, the HBS Show, which had me smiling ear-to-ear for three entire hours while chanting the “B! B! B!” cheer at every possible moment (although, in defense of Burberry, I submit that plaid really is “in” and you Boston folks just don’t know where it’s at).

Then came our Section Charity Auction. Suffice it to say, sixteen people were absent for our 8:40 am class the next morning.

And finally, Section Olympics. Who knew Shad could be so amusing? Watching my classmates struggle to pass the grapefruit back and forth neck-to-neck had me doubled over laughing, as did witnessing the teams of three-legged racers tumble gracefully to the ground. Even yelling, “Pull! Pull!” to all the tug-of-war heroes got my adrenaline pumping as if we were competing for the world championship.

But still those pesky cases rear their ugly heads.

How can I possibly focus on the Malaysian economy or a pharmaceutical trials company or the Black-Scholes option calculator when it’s 95 degrees outside? How can I make intelligent comments in class when I suddenly find my mind wandering back to how I possibly ended up wearing a motorcycle helmet at the Auction? And how can I analyze exhibits when the only number I can focus on is how many days we have left until Newport Ball?

It’s a struggle. Yes, I’ll try to plow through the dwindling stack of cases, force myself to extract the knowledge that is imparted daily in the classroom, and at least attempt to be more motivated.

But bear with me. After all, spring is in the air.