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Sports & Health

By Jogging along the Charles River one morning this summer, I ran into a sectionmate and good friend of mine, Marty. We finished up our run together and chatted about internships and such as we headed away from the river and back to our apartments.

I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Self, if only the bar at the Spangler Grille were open at 7AM, I’d sure love to swig down a few of their refreshing beers, always kept at the perfect temperature and served with a smile by a courteous staff.” What a perfect way that would have been to wind down from the run and catch up with Marty…but alas, even the lip-smacking goodness of the stir-fry counter was hours from opening, so I didn’t have a reason to head to campus after all.

Besides, one never knows when the infamous “SFP stench” will return to haunt that whole corner of campus. Yet another reason to be wary of SFP – don’t say I didn’t warn you. Editor’s Note: the fact that SFP “stole” 4 potential roommates from him this summer has in no way biased the author against SFP, or on-campus housing in general. Really.)

But I digress. The fact is, meeting up with Marty got me to thinking what a great region this is for sports, fitness, and all sorts of recreational activities to “go out and do.” Well, you’re in luck – that’s what this section of the Harbus is all about (if you were looking for unicorns, turn back a few pages to Humor). HBS, in particular, offers a wealth of activities, and for the most part here’s where you’ll be reading about them – Club Sports, Intramural Sports, goings-on in Shad and other facilities (other than the perennial “Foundations Favorite” Crimson Greetings exercise), and other events and happenings in the world of Sports & Health.

You can also look forward to reports and reviews of sports events going on around Boston, and in the world in general. Of course there are lots of HBS students who have interesting experiences in the realm of sports & health, and I invite anyone who’s interested in sharing their thoughts to submit an article to Also feel free to send me your recaps from club or intramural games, along with any photos you may have. Smack talk is encouraged, but remember that this is a family show.

So welcome RCs and welcome back ECs – I hope you’re all tanned, rested, and ready for a fun year of sports, and maybe reading a case or two along the way if there’s time between games.

Derek Mendez,
Sports & Health Editor