Sports Focus on Kim Clark

What are your favorite fitness activities?

Jogging because it keeps me healthy and gets me outside each day (or at least to the running track at Shad when it’s cold). I began jogging shortly after I joined the faculty at HBS, around 1979, and I participate almost every day.
Golf — if jogging is good for the body, golf is good for my spirit (except when I hit a fat shot or slice one into the woods). I enjoy the discipline and grace of the game, as well as spending time with family and friends on the golf course. It’s strategic, social, and completely out of my control. I began playing in 1964, and I’m still improving my game.

What is your favorite sports team?

Harvard University’s football team (where my son Andrew plays guard) and the Boston Red Sox (I’m an eternal optimist).

Who is your favorite athlete?

1) Steve Young because he was fast and accurate, a great leader, and played with a lot of courage. I admire his skill and his character.

2) Pedro Martinez. I like his spirit, the sheer power of his talent, and the range of his speed with control. He has command of three pitches, each one of which is world class, with many speeds and variations. I love to watch him pitch.