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After starting classes, the January cohort prepared themselves for a busy weekend. There were, of course, some people who decided to take advantage of the long weekend and travel. The ones who stayed, however, were ready to party all over the place, and with a vengeance! We started warming up on Thursday, when 40+ people headed to Sophia for a fun night of dancing. Our large group permitted us to take over a most of the place, giving us plenty of room to be comfortable.

Then it was turn for our dear Friday. One group headed towards upscale Venue to begin a survey of different clubs, even one called Manray that hosts the large leather/gothic crowd in the city. A larger group though it was time to christen Mellon Hall with the first dorm party of the year. The C Wing was the setting for this occasion. Despite the last minute organization of the party, a large number of people showed up, and there was a great turnover. (Remember assets rotation from the online courses?) As the night went on and we started finishing our supplies, people returning from the clubs showed up and injected the party with renewed energy. Overall we had a great night with drinks, nice chat, and some people’s first taste of Latin dancing while carefully packed into a kitchen. Can you ask for more?

Saturday is here! A group of over 70 headed towards Caprice, a nice lounge on Tremont Street, courtesy of Mr. Tiberius. This Club Master gracefully managed to get all of us inside so we could take over the second floor. It was interesting to see the faces of the other patrons, seeing that we all knew each other and deciding to stay on the first floor. Great job Tiberius!

On Sunday the group headed for an Italian dinner. And a very expensive one if our sources are to be believed. I guess it was time to change from Kresge…oops…Spangler food for a while. Also some people who went back to Venue afterwards, which came as no surprise!

A side note for the September people: I don’t know yet if you’ll find us an equal match on our analytical skills during the EC, but I’m sure we will surpass your expectations regarding our “soft” skills. Get ready!