Section Singing Skiing Santas

As the new class starts and we’re not knowing where to store our name cards anymore having three different seat assignments for the first month of the term, Section H is getting right back into the swing of things. But every time we get back into our Finance 1 seats, the comfortable feeling of the old hat comes back and we remember the days of yore…term one.

About thirty students and partners from Section H spent the first weekend back after the holidays skiing the newly-snowed slopes of Killington. No serious injuries to report. It was a ton of fun. At one time, I remember meeting up with Lucy Foster and Liz Chirpich on the Double Black Diamonds. They were on snowboards, and I was on skis. They did two double-back flips off of the first mogul! It was amazing. In fact, there were a couple of skiers on the side who actually stopped to watch them get to the next mogul, curious to see what new tricks they’d pull out next. We all made quite an acrobatic spectacle. When we met up with those who stayed on the bunny slopes, like Amanda Provost, R.J. Sheedy, Bertrand Bodson, Niklas Wijkander, and Thomas Calzia, we all went to the pub and enjoyed the rest of the evening together.
Okay, I exaggerated the story a little. Lucy, Liz and I only made it to the single black diamonds, and while there really weren’t any serious injuries, R.J. did hurt himself a little on the tow-rope, but that three-year-old boy was really pushy!

Okay, so that’s all a lie. Amanda, R.J., Bertrand, Niklas, and Thomas are all excellent skiers, and Liz, Lucy and I are…learning. But we did all have a great time.

Everything is back to normal again. John Berger is firing fictitious people in fictitious companies in struggling industries. Patricia Pu is planning new social events for the section, reminding us that we won champagne from Hollidazzle last year, and it finally arrived. But who can forget about the last day of class last semester?

After recovering from a fantastic end-of-year holiday party in the Williams Room, where we found out that Professor Marc Bertoneche can really cut a rug, we finally made it to the last class of the semester, several hundred cases past. Eating donuts, we revealed our week-long Secret Santas to each other and later, invited our professors to watch students make fun of them for two hours. We wrote a few songs that also made fun of them. In any case, it ended up to be a very heartfelt, tear-jerking ceremony, and it was strangely sad to see it end. But what was so amazing was afterwards. About 50 students or so from the section spontaneously decided to get together in the Grill and have a drink to celebrate a wonderful first semester together…and sing. John Kelleher pulled out his guitar and we sang long and loudly for another hour. We drove many away, but it was a very Brady moment that none of us will forget!

It’s 2002 now. We got our new enormous case packets. And Section H is together again, promising to be better than ever.