Section Sing-Along

You got to know when to hold ?em, know when to fold ?em
Know when to walk away, know when to run
You never count your money when you?re sittin? at the table
There?ll be time enough for countin?, when the dealin?s done.
?Kenny Rogers ” The Gambler”

There?s nothing like going to an 8:40 class, only to begin with a section sing-along. Inspired by Jen Taylor?s comment in LEAD, Section H broke out in song, singing “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. Of course, during most of the song, most people except for possibly Jen just hummed the tune, but almost everyone seemed to know at least the chorus, or if they were like me, they just quickly caught on that at every musical phrase, one can safely sing the words, “Know when…dum, dum, dum…” We clapped, we sang, and then began yet another three-case day. It was like the bright light at the beginning of the tunnel.

Section H also is beginning what seems to be another wonderful tradition. Our international students will be giving individual presentations of their respective native countries. Julian Rizo started the series by speaking about Colombia. Several people stayed in class during the lunch period to hear Julian speak with incredible pride and knowledge. He could speak to every question. He cleared myths and perceptions that American students had about Colombia. He joked about his connection to Juan Valdez. He even showed us some of his expert salsa moves.

And as a final update of the section, Section H football is incredible. We are the last RC section in the game. Coached by Walter Delph, and led by superstars like Darren Jackson, Amanda Renteria, and many others, Section H is excelling. The intramural finals are approaching. We?ll keep our fingers crossed.