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We would like to use this week’s Harbus as an opportunity to say hello to everyone and to introduce ourselves as the new co-presidents of the Partners’ Club.

The election of our new Steering Committee was held in mid-February. Our new team consists of a diverse, fun, dynamic, and eager group of people who bring many different desires to the table yet all share a common vision: to make the Partners’ Club a place for everyone in the HBS community regardless of gender, age, interests, marital status, nationality, children, or work status. For the coming year, we have already begun to plan a wide array of activities from language classes to children’s playgroups, from museum trips to party nights, from sports tournaments to career networking. The Spring Cocktail on April 6th will mark our first large campus-wide event so mark that date in your calendars and join us in the Spangler Williams Room to say hello to new faces and bid farewell to soon-departing second years.

The Partners’ Club is a group of Partners and students like you, and like us, who enjoy dedicating time and energy to organizing events that meet a variety of interests. The Club is neither managed nor financed by Harvard Business School but rather it strives to create an independent but inclusive community for the Partners at HBS. It endeavors to provide a support network of friendly people who share similar situations. In the process, the Club is a huge asset for all of us as we adapt to a different lifestyle, foreign environment, and/or novel experiences-whether our move to HBS brought us from Back Bay or Beijing. We want the Partners’ Club environment to be one where everyone can find something to suit their style and tastes, so please feel free to call or email any of us to let us know your ideas and concerns.
On behalf of the Partners’ Club, we would like to extend our thanks to the outgoing Steering Committee for all their hard work and encouragement especially in this time of transition.
We are excited about the year ahead and look forward to meeting and working with all of you. The Partners’ Club can only be what you want it to be if you help us create it!
Yours Sincerely,
Debbie Liao (Sept) and Mari-Carmen Calzado (Jan)
2001- 2002 Co-Presidents
Please visit our website at // If you have partner news or pictures you would like to share with The Harbus, please e-mail either of us at or with the appropriate information.