Section Karaoke at T's Pub

It always starts off so cautious, so subdued. Everyone looking around at each other wondering who will go first, the quiet girls claiming that they would never go onstage (yet still they absently flip through the book full of songs), and the hokey white guys talking about how they’re going to do a great impersonation of “The Humpty Dance” or “Baby Got Back” (which, thankfully, they don’t). Fast forward to three hours later and everyone is onstage screaming out the lyrics to “Livin’ on a Prayer” as if every one of them was New Jersey’s most beloved asset. Or, I guess, only asset.

But what happened? What inspired these previously timid HBS students to pop glory? Alcohol my friend, alcohol happened. Alcohol, that great WD-40 of society, is the essential ingredient in a wide spectrum of life’s activities, from picking up women to getting through LEAD classes to taking communion, there’s alcohol, greasing the wheels of civilization. Think about it: the Whiskey Rebellion, the Australian Rum Revolt, Prohibition – bad things happen when you try to take away that elixir of the gods.

Wait, but where was I? Oh yes! Karaoke. Without alcohol there would be no singers onstage, and without T’s Pub there would be no place to rehash “Ice, Ice Baby” without falling into uncontrollable fits of laughter. T’s Pub, located at 973 Commonwealth Ave. and just a short jaunt away from the magical Wonderbar, features a cozy dining atmosphere that explodes into drunken revelry every night around 10pm. With a quaint mixture of BU undergrads (mmmm, BU undergrads), HBS sections, and townies, the karaoke is sure to entertain you while the wonderful staff will keep your glass full with a wide array of spirits. Get to know your section – and their lungs – better with a night out at T’s Pub.