Section H Trivia

By now, we all know about various quirks about our sectionmates, just by observing them in class throughout the year. There are the cynics, the optimists, the capitalists, the bankers, the sleepers, the target consumer of every case, and of course, the one who wears pink. Part of the HBS experience is learning about the interesting tidbits about classmates that are not necessarily revealed in class. So, here’s a quiz to find out how much you know about the members of Section H…

1) Who were roommates in college?

2) There are three Section H’ers with the same last name. Can you name them? (Hint: They are all anglicized differently.)

3) Who competed in a skiing competition over the winter break?

4) Which students do not use their first names in class?

5) How many students wrote Texas as their home region on their classcards?

6) How many people have the letter “H” in their name? (First and Last Name as it appears on their namecards.)

7) What does “vaunted” mean?

8) What does LN stand for in Mr. Sadani’s name?

1) Liz Chirpich and Alexandra Pogorelec were roommates at Princeton. Liz was one of Alexandra’s bridesmaid.

2) Min Zhang, Jun Jang, and Elizabeth Chang

3) Niklas Wijkander competed in one and it got many people talking, but it turned out that the competition was against other HBS students and the prize was a drink.

4) William Jackson Berger (John), Victoria Lucy Foster (Lucy), and Bin Dong (Jenny), and sometimes “Min or is it Jenny?” Zhang

5) Five

6) Thirty

7) According to Webster, it means, “much boasted of”

8) Lachmi Niwas

If you got them all correct, congratulations-you’re a Section H superstar.