Section G Exposed: The Year in Review!

As the year draws to a close, Section G is preparing to head out for the summer. Before we go, however, we thought we’d share some of the highlights of the year while passing on a little information to any admits who might be trolling around campus. So, here’s the year in the review, G-Love Style.

September – November: Unsure Beginnings and finding our identity.

Ninety people stare around Aldrich 110 on an afternoon in September.

The initial questions were innocuous: Where will I sit? Does my chair adjust in height? How many new tires will have I to buy due to the speed bumps in the SFP parking garage? Then, there were some larger, more ominous questions that started to stir up around the room: Why are there three girls named Claire in this section? How do you pronounce the word Baffour? Why does Erin Bradford look eerily familiar?
Things got off to a slow start. We took our time choosing a name, eventually choosing “G-Love” over candidates like “G-Force”, “G-Money”, and “Gee, I’m glad I’m not in Section I.” The name was good…..G-love fit like a glove.

November – December: Kicking it at the Bus Stop and Hollidazzle
One word – Hollidazzle. In one short week, the Section G zeitgeist kicked into full swing. We’d been building to this for a while, thanks to Ebbitt’s relationship with the Bus Stop and the Monday night tradition that he established starting in October. By the time Hollidazzle hit, we knew each other well and some of the mythic characters of the section were born. We were visited by Nearly Nude G, The French Maid, Mr. Barrilla, Axl-Rose, the Pharaoh, 2 Santa’s, Action Jackson, and the “Forbidden Love” poet.

January- Spring Break: The Tough Times
Like any good “Behind the Music” documentary, we had to have our hangover. Forcibly removed from the Skydeck during the frigid and unjust Boston winter, we headed towards Spangler and the dorms in our finest duds in order to find summer jobs. The lack thereof and the utter pain of enduring 3 months of subzero temperature could not even be placated by 4 nights in a row at Grafton and the Kong. When the Kong loses its allure, one knows that times are dire. G-Love began to wonder…”Where have all the flowers gone?” The section was at a crossroads and the stakes were high.

March & Spring Break: Love is All Around
So what saved us? LOVE. The engagement party for our very own Young Chung and Jennifer Kim (1st confirmed intra-section marriage!) propelled G-Love out of its winter cocoon with a massive Korean dinner celebration that involved copious amounts of Soju and the ever-popular Soju Bombs. Seizing the momentum, G-Lovers slapped on their snowboards and skis, moseyed on down to New York to take a bite out of the Big Apple, and even made Hong Kong fun again. Then came Costa Rica. With a name like G-Love, we had to know the clothes would come off and times would be wild…there was plenty of G-Love. ‘Nuff Said.

G-Love was back baby; we had a spring in our step and were ready to take it to another level.

April: Why did I spend so much at the auction? Blame Canada
Still frozen. This is worse than Sweden, I guarantee it. The G-Men caravanned up to Montreal for a “life changing event” that showed our 5 new bachelors why they are giving up the single life. Because prices are so cheap in Canada, the group had enough money left over to raise $28,000 for charity in the auction 2 days later. Having even further disposable income, the section outfitted themselves in super short shorts and headbands in preparation for the “Other Holidazzle” – Section Olympics.

May: The year may be ending, but the story of G-Love is not.

To close out the year, I’d like to share the top 10 answers given to a poll taken asking “Why do you love Section G:”
10. Because WE ROCK! – Sam Clemens

9. Gotta love the “G-Love” baby – Anonymous G-Lover

8. Watching Colby dance the “Go G” on Fridays – Christy Durbin

7. We have a lot, but we also LACK a lot: AL lacks concern for timeliness, AJ lacks concern for political correctness, SS lacks concern for pithiness when speaking, KH lacks concern – Geoff Wayne

6. Tight T-Shirts – Enrico D’Angelo

5. We don’t ask annoying questions in Burden – Sam Clemens

4. Section G feels like family – Joyce Kassouf

3. Because section G appreciates Detroit and the General Motors Corporation – Nate Spunt

2. Because of Patrick McGinnis – Ritcha Gupta

1. Two Words – Hollidazzle Dares