SA: What's Hot This Week

SA elections are this week. Position papers will be posted in section classrooms. Speeches will be given Monday, February 25 at 3pm in Burden Auditorium. They will also be accessible through the my.hbs page. Elections for SA President, Chief Financial Officer and the SA social committee will be held on Thursday, February 28th with run-offs on Friday.

Admit Weekend
The SA is gearing up for Admit Weekend-Saturday, March 9th through Monday, March 11th. Events include a small-group dinners and a welcome party on Saturday night with RC, EC and prospective students. Admits will be attending panels, classes and campus/housing tours over the next couple days as well as further opportunities to socialize with the current student body. First- and second-year students are welcome and invited to attend these various events during Admit Weekend. Interested volunteers should contact Hashim Gillani (OA) for more information.

Housing and New Construction Developments
Thanks to the SA Housing and New Construction committee, first-years and prospective students can look forward to a more streamlined housing process this summer. Improvements have been made to Harvard Planning and Real Estate’s immediate occupancy.
Instead of lining up at 9 a.m. to see what’s available, a 24-hour period will be given where students can call in to find out what’s available and obtain housing by lottery. In addition, incoming students can get information about apartments in the general community via the prematriculation website. Plans for this new feature on the website include providing access to approximately 600 landlords in the surrounding Boston/Cambridge area for off-campus housing. In the meantime, first-years interested in HPRE affiliate housing should keep in mind that May 1st is the first lottery day. On-campus dormitory housing assignments will be completed the week before.

The incoming class can also look forward to new developments in store for Fall 2003. Renovations will be made to Baker Library. Based upon student feedback, these renovations should include more individual enclosed study spaces and conference rooms, to provide an alternative to Spangler. HPRE reports that the new housing development at One Western Ave is on schedule and expected to reach completion by July 1, 2003.