Response to "U-Turn on I-93…"

To the Editor:

I read with anger the article by Will Azeff, “U-turn on I-93 …” Mr. Azeff mentions that he came to this country to “work here after graduating for four or five years and then get the hell out.” Apperantly school shootings and riots (as if they are an every day occurence) had Mr. Azeff worried and the attack on September 11th convinced him that he was prophetic in his concern.

While I was (and am) a huge fan of the multi-national aspect of my HBS education, I am angered at Mr. Azeff’s perception of America as something to be used and disposed of when it has served his selfish interests. America is a package deal. There is good and there is bad but it is its totality that makes it great and leads to multitudes flocking here every year. The next time Mr. Azeff thinks of jumping in his car when something bad happens, maybe he should remember that many more lives, by far, have been lost in the quest to get to the United States than have been killed in terrorist attacks. Most of those lost souls would have welcomed the opportunity to be in Mr. Azeff’s shoes. And all of them, I dare say, wouldn’t have made for Canada at the first sign of trouble.

Patrick Mullane
HBS class of 1999