Project Cfv

I looking to network with people interested in solving the
fundamental problems facing humanity not merely
alleviating the symptoms.

People who operate with the new mantras of the
information age; communication and interdependence
and are not blinded by the old industrial age mantras of
organize and educate.

Specifically I’m looking for assistance in my plan to
efficiently boot strap the global culture from a
unsustainable industrial age to a sustainable information

My business plan is simple. Set up complex adaptive
system to evolve a modern system of early childhood
socialization which works better, faster and cheaper.

The current American socialization system yields only
10% of children who are prepared to make it through
college by .

Current science indicates that we can achieve a yield of
90% of children college ready by age 12.

The only limit we face is our beliefs regarding human
potential and resource allocation.

So where should I call and who should I talk to?

William H. Lasley